Swapping Places Chapter 6

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Read Chapter 5 here.

A thousand thoughts raced through Delphine’s on her way to Caesar’s. What if Kobby figured her out? Although they were the carbon copy of each other, their personalities were slightly different. But whenever they swapped places, they could play each other perfectly. This wasn’t the first time she had to meet Daphne’s boyfriend posing as her, but it felt different this way. Just a recall of his arms around her the other day made her shudder. What if she messed up this time? She couldn’t trust herself.

She handed the taxi driver a note and some coins and got out. She sighed as she stared at the building and entered the place. She took off her dark shades and looked around. There he was, waving at her, a smile on his face. Gosh, he was one handsome dude. She waved back and walked towards him.

He got up from his seat and pulled the other for her.

“Hey…” Delphine said breathlessly. He replied with a kiss on the cheek. She smiled at him and sat. He sat down.

“I was beginning to worry about what could possibly be delaying you. I was just about to call you.”

“Oh really? Sorry about that. Should have let you know I was almost here.” It was a good thing she showed up before he called, Delphine thought. What if he had called and Daphne had told him a believable story only to see her enter the venue without talking into her phone? They would have been caught.

Wow, was this how their lives were going to be henceforth? Wondering when they would be caught? They had to put a stop to it before it got too late. She and Daphne had to talk.

Kobby took her hand and kissed the back of her hand. Delphine blinked, feeling a shiver going through her hand to her spine, literally. Oh gosh, how was she going to hold herself together? Daphne was right, Kobby was the one. Please don’t fall for him; he’s not yours, she pleaded with her heart.

“Are you okay? You seem a little tense,” Kobby said.

“I’m good; long day.” Kobby signaled to a waitress to come over.

“The usual?” He asked her. Huh, what was Daphne’s usual? She found herself nodding. 

“She’ll have your smoothie special.” The waitress nodded and walked away. Delphine sighed inwardly, grateful it wasn’t any weird drink. She recalled when she had to forcibly swallow some horrible-tasting drink at a bar once in the UK when she posed as her. Sometimes, Daphne had terrible tastes. She would pour anything down her throat just to prove a point. Maybe Daphne was indeed matured now.

“Thank you,” Delphine said when her smoothie arrived. Kobby watched her as she took her first sip.



“Great; you said the same thing the last time so I’m convinced,” Kobby said. Oh she did? Good to know she hasn’t lost her twin mojo. 

“So I spoke with the creative director about what we talked about the last time.” Delphine looked at him blankly. Could he be more specific?

“You do know what I’m talking about, right?” He asked, puzzled by the blank look on her face.

“I know we talked about something along that line but I seem to have forgotten…”

“About the shooting for the ad?” Daphne was considering being on TV?

“Oh yeah, what about it?”

“He wants to meet you tomorrow. Can you make it?” She blinked. What was Daphne’s schedule?

“Um…I’ll check my schedule and get back to you. Is that okay?”

“Sure; as long as you confirm by tonight.”

“That’s fine.” Kobby ordered for fries and chicken. He dipped one fry into the ketchup and fed it to Delphine. With the second one, he pulled his hand back just as she leaned forward to take it. After a few attempts, he fed it to her after smearing the ketchup on the side of her lip. She giggled.

He stopped her as she made an attempt to wipe it with tissue.

“I got it,” he said, gently wiping it off with his thumb. Delphine froze at his touch. Their eyes met. He held her eyes as he brought his thumb to his lips and licked up the ketchup.

Oh no, what has Daphne done to me? Delphine cried out in her head.


Keyshia Cole’s ‘Heaven Sent’ track was playing over the radio as Kobby pulled over in front of the Coleman’s residence. They both sighed heavily.

“Thanks for today, Kobby. I really had a great time with you today.”

“My pleasure, mi lady.” She chuckled. He took her hand in his and touched her face.

“Do you think it was fate that made us meet the way we did the first time?”

“I don’t know…maybe.” Daphne had narrated the scene to her. She could picture it perfectly.

“I think it is. Because I’ve been with some women and a couple of them were great but I’ve never felt this way with any of them.”

“How does it feel this time?”

“I don’t know…there’s this element of peace that comes with it, you know? It’s like my heart sign to let me know I’ve found the one. My last stop at finding true love.” Oh gosh, how I wish it was the real me he was talking to, Delphine thought.

“I don’t know what to say. I’ve hung around with a couple of guys and let’s say, it didn’t end too well so I’m being careful with my heart right now.” She was saying this for her own sake but she knew it wouldn’t hurt Daphne in any way.

“I understand and I’m willing to wait for you to open up to me. Promise me you won’t keep me waiting for long,” he said, brushing the back of his hand against her cheek. She loved his touch.

“I won’t,” she said softly. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. He looked at her with dreamy eyes. She knew that look. It was her cue to go before it went too far.

“Have to go,” she whispered as that was all the courage she could muster to speak. Every muscle inside wanted to stay here with all night but her mind said her time was up.

“Hopefully one day, you wouldn’t have to,” Kobby said.

“Yeah, hopefully.” He kissed her forehead again and opened the car door. He got out of the car and came around to her side, opening the door. He took her hand and helped her out. He closed the door and pushed her gently against it and hugged her tightly.

All her defenses broke down with his embrace and she hugged him back. His scent held a seductive aura. If only she could stay in his arms all night…

A taxi stopped next to Kobby’s car. They broke apart as someone got down from the taxi. It was Daphne. She froze, seeing how Kobby had his hands on Delphine’s waist.

“Del! You’re back. We just arrived,” Delphine said, trying to sound excited. Her heart had started pounding.

“Oh okay. Hi Kobby,” Daphne said.

“Hi Delphine, how are you doing?”

“Not bad. You?”

“I’m good.”

“Good to know. I’ll leave you two alone. Heading inside, Daph.”

“I’ll be right behind you.” Daphne opened the gate door and entered the house.

“Why don’t I come inside and say hi to your parents?”

“Um…not tonight. They are not yet in. They will come in later. Maybe another time.”

“Okay, sure. Goodnight, Daphne.”

“Goodnight, Kobby.” He touched her chin for a second and stepped back. He went to sit in the car. Delphine waved at him and he drove away. She sighed. How was she going to explain to her sister what she had just seen? She entered the house.

She entered Daphne’s room. She was removing her jewelry.

“Hey,” Delphine said. 

“Hey,” Daphne said back, not looking at her. Delphine bit her lower lip.

“Um…about what you saw back there…”

“No need to explain. I know exactly what that was.”

“Daph, you told me to go with the flow.”

“I know. This isn’t the first time this has happened, Del.”

“I know but this is different.”

“How so?”

“You really like him, I can tell. And you feel hurt by what you saw. I’m sorry.”

 Daphne shrugged. She took the file on her bed and gave it to her.

“It’s done.” Delphine opened it and saw the signature. She closed it.

“Thanks, Daph.”

“Anytime, Del.”

“Hey,” Delphine said, turning her sister to face her. She hugged her.

“I’m sorry. This will never happen again.”

“Okay,” Daphne whispered. They pulled away.

“We good?”

“Yeah, we’re good.” Delphine nodded.

“I’ll go change.” Delphine left the room. Daphne blinked and tears filled her eyes. What had she done?
© Josephine Amoako 2016


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  1. This chaptere hooked me! This was a very interesting story!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it 😊

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  2. Lochan says:

    What next??
    This story keeps me glued to the screen..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. joseyphina says:

      Lol…I’m glad it captivated you, Lochan. Thanks for reading 😊

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  3. fortunate23 says:

    Awwwwwweeee, so romantic! Sweet Del… She gonna keep her feelings for Kobby buried forever?! 😧 As for Daph, I now believe she’s mature and in love since some scenes in their game has started to hurt her. Awwww…can’t wait for what comes next. I wish it was published everyday 🙈 so beautiful

    Liked by 2 people

    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks for reading, For 😊☺

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  4. fortunate23 says:

    U’re welcome dear. It’s a good read 👍👍👍

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  5. iKomusana says:

    I feel like I have been way for this part to happen.
    Am sooo excited.
    This love triangle is going to be epic

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  6. Mandy says:

    I’m hurt. Aww Daphne.

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      1. Mandy says:

        I’m feeling for her. Lol

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  7. prinxy says:

    So real… Wow, what’s next? Can’t imagine, always leave me on SUSPENSE… Praying for a HAPPY END tho 🙏 keep writing Josey

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Fingers crossed….Thanks for reading 😊

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  8. biblicaljoey says:

    Daphne has tear glands after all. Lol. Waiting to see what happens next…

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Lol.. Yes, she she does 😃

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  9. mimispassion says:

    Dangerous games always end with someone being hurt

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  10. Kaycee says:

    Very captivating

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