Swapping Places Chapter 4

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 “So how do I look?” Daphne asked, giving herself a swirl and Delphine a 360 degree view. 

“You look great,” Del replied, biting her nail.

“What, I don’t look like a bank marketer?”

“Oh you do…but you also look a little distracting.”

“In a good way, right? Anything to get him to sign up, right? That’s the goal.”

“I’m just worried if I can keep up with him if you start on this note.”

“And who said you have to keep up?” Delphine looked up at her twin who smiled at her.

“Consider me your marketing double.”


“No, not going to hear it. Now, let’s go over the terminologies again, shall we?” Delphine sighed.

After they had gone over the presentation, Daphne started cat-walking around the room in Del’s heels.

They startled when the door suddenly opened and their mother’s head popped in. She took in Daphne’s look and raised a brow.

“Why are you in your sister’s clothes?” Doreen asked Daphne.

“I’m going to meet a potential new client in the corporate world so I have to look the part. Just trying some of Del’s clothes,” Daph rattled seamlessly.

“Oh okay; your dad says he’s hungry. Go and make us supper.”

“Yes mum.” The door closed.

“Whew! That was close,” Daphne said, placing her hand on her chest. “How can she even tell?”

“Doesn’t it bother you that you lie effortlessly? Because that scares me,” Del said.

“Hey, mum is smart. You show her a moment of hesitation and she’ll suspect something. I had to act fast. And besides, I’m most efficient under pressure,” Daph said with a shrug.

“Efficient in lying?”

“Hey, I’m doing this for you, remember? So don’t give me the pious lecture.”

“If you get the slightest hint that he suspects something, let me know.”

“Don’t you trust me, Del? I said I’ve got this. But I’ll have your number on speed dial just in case.”

“Thank you.” Daphne’s phone rang. She took it.

“Hey,” she said in a high-pitched tone. No one had to say it was Kobby on the line.

“Oh yeah? That’s great,” Del gave her twin a thumbs up and left the room. Delphine sighed and threw her back onto the bed. She knew Daphne could take care of herself tomorrow but she still felt nervous. She got up and went to the kitchen to start with supper.
Daphne joined her some minutes later.

“Kobby wanted us to meet up tomorrow after work…”

“Oh then…”

“But I took a raincheck. I told him I had some business to take care of.”

“Oh Daph, you didn’t have to. I could meet with Mr. Abbey myself.” Daphne held a finger to stop her.

“Nope; you’re my sister and you need my help. You come first. Guys will come and go but you’re not just family, you’re a part of me. So don’t worry. Besides, one has to give the guy the space to miss me, right?” Delphine chuckled when Daphne pulled her cheek.

“I’ll set the table.”

They set the table together.

“Hey, you haven’t showed me how he looks like. I need to know what face to put on considering his facial outline and dental formation,” Daphne said. Delphine laughed. 

“He’s not bad, I can assure you. I think there’s a photo of him on his company’s website. Let me pull it up.” She showed it to her.

“Huh…not a bad candidate for a sugar daddy,” Daphne remarked which earned her a glare from Delphine.

“I’m joking. I’ve Kobby, remember?”

“I hope you do remember that.”

“Is the food ready?” their mother asked from the living room.

“Almost!” They both replied.

“Bring your father a glass of water.”

“Yes, mum.”

Daphne filled a glass and placed it on a tray. She gave it to her father.

“Thanks, Kakra (meaning younger twin),” he said. Daphne smiled.

“Ebeii George, so you still can’t tell your daughters apart? She’s Panyin (meaning older twin).”

“It’s not my fault that they look so alike. I say what comes to mind and hope I’m right.”

“You make no effort, that’s why,” Doreen said. Daphne left them to continue arguing.

“Dad called you Kakra again?” Del asked.

“Yep; sometimes I think he does it intentionally to see if we would correct him. Maybe he knows.”

“And why would he do that?”

“Who knows?”

Delphine entered Daphne’s room the next morning but she wasn’t in bed. She heard the shower running. She opened the bathroom door.

“Daph, I’m leaving for work.” Daphne pulled back the curtain and wiped her face with her palm.

“Oh okay. I’ll go to the TV station and do a little work.”

“I’ll confirm with Mr. Abbey and let you know.”

“Sure. Wish me luck.”

“All the best but something tells me you’ve got everything covered. If he tries anything funny, leave but keep my job, okay?”

“Don’t worry; I’ve got this. Have a nice day, Del.”

“You too, Daph.” She closed the door and left the room.
Mr. Abbey texted Delphine about the time and place for their dinner appointment which she forwarded to Daphne. She was working on a report when her boss walked up to her.

“You’re meeting up with Mr. Abbey today, right?”

“Yes sir, at five o’clock.” He checked his watch. It was 2:15.

“So I guess you’ll leave early to get ready.” She nodded.

“Good luck. I’m counting on you, Delphine.”

“Yes sir.” He walked away. She exhaled. She clocked out of work at four.

She called Daphne to check if she was ready.

“Yes, Del?” she said when she picked up.

“On your way?”

“Yeah.” Delphine could hear her smacking her lips.

“I hope you’re not at home, now making up your face. He’s a punctual kind of man, Daphne.”

“Calm down, I’m in a cab. I’ll get there before he does.”

“Okay so you remember everything I talked about?”

“Yeah, I made notes, remember? Still at the office?”

“No, had to leave. I can’t stay when my boss knows of my dinner appointment. Isn’t it too early for me to head home?”

“So you want to hang around town for a while?”

“Not in the mood. I’ll find something to tell mum if she asks me.”

“Okay. I’ll text you if anything comes up.”

“Okay. Take care. Bye.”


Delphine kept glancing at her phone, expecting to hear from Daphne but so far nothing. She checked the time. It was 5:15pm. Why wasn’t she giving her any updates?
Mr. Abbey approached Daphne who stood when she noticed him.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Ms. Coleman.” They shook hands.

“It’s okay, Mr. Abbey. The traffic can be a headache.” They sat down. Daphne’s phone buzzed. It was Delphine.

‘What’s up?’

“Sorry; it’s my colleague asking for some clarification.”

“Go right ahead. I’ll get the waiter to attend to us,” Mr. Abbey said. Daphne texted her back.

‘He just arrived. I’m good. Will let you know when I’m done,’ she texted back and put the phone down.

“Done?” He asked.

“Yes; I am.”

“Good; like to have your full attention.”

“You have it.”

(c) Josephine Amoako 2016 

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  1. I love your writing! Cheers!

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    1. joseyphina says:

      I’m glad you did! 🙌

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  2. even i cant tell them apart already

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  3. prinxy says:

    Another Fantastic Episode *almost missed it, had to go through your blog post to get it**… Keep writing Josey😀😀

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Oh sorry about that. Thanks for reading and have a great week! ☺

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  4. mimispassion says:

    I’m reading this with bated breath. I hope they don’t get into some really huge trouble. I’ve always fancied twins and had the crazy idea of swapping places with if I were a twin, but this right here looks like dangerous grounds they are playing

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Oh really? Twin fantasy, huh? I see. Dangerous grounds, I agree. Thanks for reading, Mimi☺

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      1. mimispassion says:

        Yea oh… My pleasure. It’s just I usually wait too long to read a new episode. Make it quick eh

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      2. joseyphina says:

        Yes, ma’am. The next one will be posted God willing tomorrow 👍

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      3. mimispassion says:

        Yaaaaaayy… yipeeee

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