All We Need is the Culture of Humanity 



We all hail from communities characterized with both similar and distinct cultures. Some are seen to be backward by those perceived to be living in dynamic societies, evolving according to the times. Others are known to be conservative and are respected for their principles. And for those claimed to be progressive, it seems it doesn’t always make society better. Fundamental values just seem to be relegated to the background; replaced by freedom to do whatever one pleases.

As long as we are entrenched in our respective cultures, culture shock will continue to hit us whenever we leave the boundaries of our native lands and step foot on foreign soils. But regardless of where we were born and raised, the culture of humanity should persist.

No matter where we find ourselves, we all expect to be treated fairly. But when it comes to others, we determine how deserving they are to be treated well. When someone errs, we demand justice; when we do same, we plead for mercy. When we deliberately cross the line using national interest as cover up, we say we’re doing it for the good of the country. When others do same, it is treason. Humanity cannot be skewed for personal benefit. It smiles and frowns upon us the same way on any day.

No matter the color of our skin, we should make a conscious effort to live peaceably with others; tolerating and respecting each other’s beliefs and principles and show love and concern to one another. No matter how peeved we are about a situation, we shouldn’t display our anger recklessly by destroying state property, attacking minority groups, and being verbally abusive. Dialogue is more effective than violence.

Taking what is not ours, manipulating others for our personal gain, slandering and pulling others down are not acceptable in any society. Regardless of where we find ourselves on the map, the culture of love, tolerance, selflessness and peace should reign. 

We all can’t value and appreciate the same things and if we want the earth to be able to contain all of us, then we must make our peace with it. It doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything; it only implies we have to respect each other’s stance. 

What does culture mean to you?

© Josephine Amoako 2016




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