Open Letter #9: To My Day


Hi Today,

I know that you’re neutral with twenty hours to provide me. I’m grateful to be alive to spend you to live my life. Some days feel great and others, terrible but it’s no fault of yours. You’re just passing by; what happens to me during your twenty four-hour timeline is what determines a good or bad day for me.

Sometimes the weather that greets me in the morning determines my mood for the whole day. When you begin with sunshine, it feels different. When you begin with dark clouds, I can foretell a gloomy mood for the day. But you’re neutral. You’re just doing your job. My interpretation of how you would fare for me depends solely on me. I can’t blame you if things go south and I can’t thank you if things are great. You’re just twenty four hours ticking away; an empty canvas presented to everyone to make their mark on.

I must say that sometimes you seem not to pass away fast enough; other times, it looks like you’re racing as if you can’t wait to end your shift. I wonder if you’re running away from me or prompting me to have a sense of urgency in whatever I’m doing. But again, I guess it’s all in my head. You tick away the same way every day. You’re neutral.

I know I should be grateful whenever I’m given another chance to meet you after I’ve woken up from sleep. You’re like a fresh page turned over to either continue whatever I started twenty four hours ago or start something new. I admit that I haven’t always used you judiciously as I should and for that, I apologize. 

But thinking of you, I’ve come to realize what a gift you are to me day in day out and how unfair it is for me or anyone else to call you a bad day because things didn’t go our way. You did nothing wrong. Life just happened and you were a part of the scene. Whether my prayers were answered or not, just the fact that I’m alive to spend you makes you a good day. Come rain or shine, you are a good day because I got the chance to meet you!

When I first receive a gift, I’m usually excited and I handle the gift with such delicate care. But after some time passes and it no longer feels new, I don’t treat it with the same respect. And eventually, it ends up in the trash one day. The gift didn’t change; my attitude to it did. And I think that’s how I see you sometimes.

I’m used to meeting you every dawn that I’m tempted to see you as yesterday’s gift in extension such that I’m not awed by your existence anymore. But you’re a divine gift renewable after every twenty four hours and I should appreciate you as you rightly deserve.

I’d admit that some days are more memorable than others. The best and worst times can easily be recalled but the ‘normal’ uneventful ones just pass by without much acknowledgement. But I’ve come to realize that I should thank God for even the ‘normal’ days because someone else may have had his/her life altered altogether by an event during the same twenty four hour period. 

So today, I promise to reflect on what you are and how to fully appreciate you. I hope I’ll go to bed happier than I woke up. And enjoy your time as it ticks away. I intend to.

Yours truly,


What would you like to tell your day? To go a little faster or crawl a bit? Whatever it is, I encourage you to write a letter telling your day what you feel about it. Would love to read it. And as always, thanks for reading.
© Josephine Amoako 2016


3 Comments Add yours

  1. somawrites says:

    Happy to be alive today! Thank You Jesus! 🙂

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Amen 🙌 thanks for reading, Amaka

      Liked by 1 person

      1. somawrites says:

        My pleasure Josey 🙂

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