What If You Were Born The Opposite Sex 👰🔁👲? 

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Do you think your life would be relatively easier or harder if you were born as the opposite sex with your actual temperaments and personalities intact? 

Hmm. Tough question. Thought provoking. Would my life turn out differently if I were a boy? I’m not too sure it would. Everyone believes life is tougher for his/her own gender and a little easier for the opposite. 

Women have to deal with the combined pressure of being proficient of managing their marital homes and excelling in whatever line of work they may be involved in. Men have to be financially stable to be considered ready to start a family and have to be a family man to be considered responsible to take up certain positions.

Ladies have to endure sexual harassment from their bosses at work; guys have to compete with their female counterparts for jobs when the latter has the advantage of using ‘what they have to get what they want.’ Every set of body parts come with its own challenges, it seems.

As a young woman, the societal pressure begins to mount up after you declare yourself a university graduate. It’s like you’re racing against time to do something substantial with your life before the weight of matrimony befalls you. If I were to be a man in my present age, no one would be asking me when I’d be getting married; they would rather be asking if I intend to further my studies, pursue my career or start my own business. Different expectations from both sexes, huh?

If I were a boy, I wouldn’t have to think of any biological clock ticking and having to smile through every awkward situation whenever a family friend asks you when he should expect a wedding invite. I’d have the breathing space to think of what path to pursue and what to achieve for myself. Guys don’t have to worry about any stigmas from being in a little too many relationships when they finally want to settle down. There are many single women available for the taking. But turn the tables, the lady would be referred to with unsavory names because she’s been ‘overused’ and thus unqualified to be a good partner. Why is virtue solely expected of one sex and the other permitted to be carefree with their actions?

If I were growing in a male body, my concern would be adding value to myself, saving more than enough money so as to afford my future family the kind of life I deem decent and comfortable. As a woman, my plans are not that far from that.

Everyone has his/her own headaches as we go through life, having to deal with societal pressures and expectations coupled with personal goals alongside their incidental challenges. Considering my temperament and personality, I don’t think life would be far different from what I’ve experienced if I were born a boy.

I believe God in His infinite wisdom created us all as male and female and deposited in us the courage, strength and talent to live out our purpose here on earth. I wouldn’t want to be a boy for one day in my life. I’m sure the guys would say same if asked the same question. No one is more important than the other. We need each other to procreate, build each other up and make the world a better place.

I’m not sure if one’s cultural background would result in varying responses to the question posed, but I’d love to read your thoughts. Have you ever considered how different, harder or easier your life would have been if you were born as the opposite sex? Why do you think so? Kindly comment and let’s interact.

© Josephine Amoako 2016


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  1. evanyambu says:

    i think mine would have been easier…i dread the painful cramps, the numerous heartbreaks, the skirt world and having to impress a dude i crush on with makeup. So if i was of the opposite sex, i would probably be balling, cruising in a 1980/90 cadillac, listening to my hip hop without minding my language, chase after girls but not play them, hang out with em boys a lot, would know how to maneuver my way in the hustle without fear, but maybe the one thing i would fear is circumcision! A thing cutting my foreskin….yikes!

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Yes, cramps can be awful. Hmmm… It seems the guys get away with a lot of things, huh? I love your contribution. Thanks for sharing ☺

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  2. adeniyisrael says:

    Great post, but i prefer to remain a male, because i see the intense pain every woman is passing through. It so gross that many of them lived and died in pains, regret, rape, poverty and no one did ever appreciate their emmense contribution to the nation.
    Women are great blessing and i respect every woman 299% than men.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Women do go through a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Israel


      1. adeniyisrael says:

        You are welcome… Great Woman


  3. Beaton says:

    ….. interesting… imagine I had my own boobs …NICE ok seriously though I mean just waiting there for Mr Right to pop by in his shining armour you dont even have to tell him you are into him he will just figure it out and propose all by himself, rings kneeling and everything How much do rings even cost? who cares I wouldnt have to all I would know is I want one which shines and can show off to all my friends, ooh and he must never forget my birthday, and the anniversary of the day we first talked, the day we first kissed the day we first did other stuff and life the universe just works out…. except the one thing is possible for mother nature or is it Aunt Flo to not visit during that time of the month and instead just send an email that says hi guess what your ovaries are working and you are not pregnant….
    ok thanks bye


    1. joseyphina says:

      Haha 😂😂 always a pleasure to read your thoughts, Beaton

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  4. DamiLoves says:

    There are so many things we go through as women, sometimes I feel being male is easier. However, the perspective a woman has about life is different; I wouldn’t trade the lessons I’ve learnt and the experiences I’ve had; so today I am a woman, and I am proud to be one.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      That’s great, Dami!


  5. Well written young lady. Adding my thoughts to yours, the gender we’ve been given by God is simply to compliment the other. You have a good and blessed day.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks for passing by, Tahlitha. Have a blessed day as well. ☺


  6. Ufuomaee says:

    I think my life would be harder as a man. There is too much expectation to succeed and achieve, and I hate expectations like whoa! I also think I will be much to effeminate for my parents’ liking… I love being a girl’s girl. I also know how to manage the expectations of a woman. I’ve learnt to filter through the voices…and now the only man’s expectations I have to meet are my husband’s.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Insightful! I agree, the expectations on the menu can be a headache. Thank God for creating us as women.

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