Feast Moments

(c) Google Images.


Feasts are happy occasions;

Where we share our success and special moments;

With those we love and love us back;

Be it birthdays, anniversaries or launches;

We call those who have had our backs;

Spurred us on when we almost gave up;

And believed in us when we almost lost ourselves in doubt;

Everyone arrives at feasts with a smile;

But not everyone is really smiling;

There are some are genuinely happy for you;

And there are the ones green with envy;

They did tell you things would be okay;

But inwardly wishing otherwise;

They hoped they would be your last resort;

So they can take credit for your success;

But when that didn’t happen;

They had to attend your feast;

To see for themselves if you indeed made it;

Or if it is all a farce;


And there are the ones who show up;

Because they want to be the first to break the news;

About how nonstandard your celebration is;

Hoping to get a reason to taint your happy moment;

To tell others about how it was a hollow hype;

That someone else’s was better than yours;

That another person deserved what you’ve achieved;

But they sweetly say, ‘congratulations’;

But with each handshake, they spite you in their heads;


But you know how far you’ve come;

What you had to go through to get here;

It is your moment to shine so celebrate it without apology ;

Don’t allow the rumors to rob you of that joy;

Not everyone close to you would be happy for you;

Not everyone in the race with you would be proud of you;

But who cares, it’s your feast, not theirs;

Marriage isn’t easy so celebrate your anniversary with delight;

Every year comes with its challenges;

So celebrate your birthday heartily;

Putting up your own business is no game;

Celebrate every achievement because you deserve it.


It’s your feast;

Rejoice with those who appreciate you;

And leave the naysayers to wallow in their jealousy;

Celebrate the milestones to the fullest;

When you get the chance;

Because who knows, you might not get another.


© Josephine Amoako 2016


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