A huge Mercedes fan 😉 (c) Google Images.

The safety of a journey is usually wagered on the driver’s experience;

The more cautious the driver, the safer the drive;

The longer the years, the more reliable he is deemed to be;

The efficiency of a driver makes a car;

And not necessarily vice versa;

As the most functional car is useless

With an ignorant, reckless person behind the wheel;

Regardless of how bumpy the drive might be;

One can be sure to arrive at his destination in one piece;

As long as the driver can be trusted;

One must make room on any trip;

To expect some bumps on the road;

Could be unexpected traffic or breakdown;

Potholes or bad weather;

It might alter the duration of the trip;

And perhaps the route to the destination;

But never the destination itself.
Life is like one long drive;

Hopefully to end at an old, fulfilling age;

But the distance varies for every traveler;

Some may have a relatively shorter trip;

Others may stay in the race longer;

Each one facing his own challenges;

As one’s destination could be;

Another’s rest stop;

Some take up the reins themselves;

Determined to make it by their own expertise;

Some others hand over the wheel to others;

Believing they know how to drive better;
But no matter how much experience a driver has;

Each trip on a particular road is different;

Blindly trusting yourself may fail sometimes;

Just as any sophisticated car might break down once in a while;
Life like a race game may start for two people at the same time;

But the finish line differs for both;

One might drive faster and reckless;

Another slower and smarter;

And where they end up will speak for themselves;
No matter how distracting the passengers might be;

It is up to the one behind the wheel;

To make the drive a successful one;

The driver is almost always held responsible;

If a journey goes wrong;
Stop blaming others for how long;

Hard and messed up your life has become;

You might have handed over the wheel to someone else;

But in the end, it’s your drive;

How do you even know he/she has your interests at heart?

It is better to be sure you’re on the same page;
For me, life is too complicated to make it on my own;
I’d rather hand over the keys and the wheel;

To the One created life itself;

Who knows the end from the beginning;

Whom I can trust to get me to my destination;

No matter how bumpy the road may be;

He takes my burdens and gives me His peace;

He guides my path and even when I stray;

He’s right there to help me back up;
Who’s in charge of your drive?
© Josephine Amoako 2016


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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thank you for reading ☺

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  1. IsM says:

    Nice one 🙂 and yes , I’m also a Mercedes fan 🙏🏻

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