D for Delayed but not Denied


Time is of the essence to most people. Every serious-minded corporation values its time and that’s why punctuality is a non-negotiable expectation from employees. Every minute is precious; millions can be made when the right decision/action is taken at the right time. Just a second late could spell doom in a HUGE way.

In a world ruled by the confines of time, where success is measured by age and magnitude, some people are driven to get frustrated when certain milestones are not achieved by a certain time. When people think they have to fulfil their heart desires on their own, they sometimes find themselves falling short of attaining their goals.

Even for Christians who have the hope of God’s abundant promises pertaining to life find themselves struggling with their faith when an expected answer to a prayer is not being delivered on time. We expect God to respond to our demands according to our timeline forgetting God is not limited to our time frame.


We may think our breakthrough is only relevant in a particular period and any sort of delay renders it hopeless. Abraham known as the father of faith received a promise of being the father of nations when he was childless and so he remained for some time. Though the promise took a while to manifest, it was not denied him.

Most people boast of the young age they became ‘successful’ but what is the point if it doesn’t last? The story of several popular Hollywood child stars whose lives took a nosedive illustrates this point perfectly.

(c) Google Images.

Instead of rushing to make it in the ‘prime time’ set by the world and come crushing down after some five minutes of fame in the limelight, why not wait for God’s perfect timing which may tarry but would stand the test of time?

As long as God has given you His Word, He will watch over it to perform. It will definitely be fulfilled and what you could not even imagine is what you will receive. So keep praying, waiting and believing that though your breakthrough may be delayed, it would surely not be denied.

Josephine Amoako © 2016


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  1. So though full post ..
    Delayed but not denied :p

    This wastes our plenty of time .

    The two pics were widely added, they were enough to explain the whole post .

    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words

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  2. gislyreal says:

    I don’t mind waiting on you Lord

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      That’s the spirit! ✋

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  3. Hammad Rais says:

    HIS plans are way better than our plans, upon which we waste so much of our energy and time. I don’t mind in waiting for getting the best from HIM, instead of jumping on to my own.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Very true. God bless you for reading, Hammad ☺

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  4. Prof NRao says:

    Once you are going in the right direction, you will reach the destination. Some time delay is ok. Be confident about the path.
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  5. kmankata says:

    Well, I’ve realised God’s timing are always some minutes after the deadline I give Him. So I have stopped timing Him. For one time rather waits for, I have learnt to spend my energy in faith. I know He won’t disappoint so I wait

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Yeah, we should stop timing Him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ☺

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