Inevitable Happenings


No matter where we end up being born in the world, what century we are born in and what culture we find ourselves embracing, there are some events that run through almost everyone’s life.

No matter how comfortable and happy your life may be, you will find yourself crying one day and the most miserable person on earth will also find something to rejoice over no matter how trivial a third party might see it.

Not everything you try your hands on would succeed; one might fail more times than he succeeds but as long as he doesn’t give up, success is guaranteed.

As every year would only come to an end after the four seasons have passed by, so does every relationship go through the motions: excitement, familiarity, conflict, resolution, commitment, trial (not necessarily in that order) and the results would determine whether it would dissolve or get even deeper.

You would get hurt, have your heart broken, your trust betrayed, your kindness taken advantage of, be disappointed, feel frustrated, be disrespected, be misunderstood, and even insulted but that’s fine. Your life story wouldn’t sound real if you hadn’t experienced these.

You will make mistakes, you’ll stumble, you will judge wrongly but regardless of these occurrences, your reaction to them determine how your story ends.

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Five people are born the same day at the exact second; one would die a renowned entrepreneur, the other would die a thief, another a politician, some other a clerk and yet another a convict. Yes, they might have been born in different environments and thus faced different challenges but what makes the difference is that what one saw as a stumbling block, another saw as a stepping stone. What saw as an obstacle, another saw as an opportunity.

Friends will come and go; some will feature in an episode; some others to the end of a season; others will last for a lifetime and become family. Don’t hold on to what was meant to be temporary and in the process lose what was meant to be permanent. Some things will never work out no matter how hard you work it out or pray about it. That’s life.

Don’t let life’s inevitabilities frustrate you out of enjoying your portion of it. When the blows hit you and you fall, don’t stay down. Get up, brush the dust off and move on. When you get beaten up by the rain, get out of the mud, get yourself dry and move on. Remember to take an umbrella next time the skies turn grey.

Life is full of puzzles; the rounds may seem more difficult with each stage but the rules are the same: Trust God to lead the way, follow His lead, be prepared to make unpopular choices and keep smiling throughout the storm because God’s got you!

A little comfort and a little hardship may be inevitable but you choose how your story ends!

Josephine Amoako © 2016


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  1. gislyreal says:

    The power of choice

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  2. blunt truth.there is nothing new under the sun, what has been will always be

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