Would You Rather # 7: Be Gossiped about or Never talked about at all?

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I don’t think anyone wishes to be the topic of idle chat of some strangers somewhere…no wait, scratch that. Some people do, they don’t only wish it; they actually make efforts to be just that. All they need to do is stir up some controversy and voilà! The whole world picks it up and keeps social media buzzing. Why, because that’s the ‘cheapest’ way of marketing themselves and staying ‘relevant’ in our times by trending everywhere. I’m sure one or two ‘brand’ names instantly pop up in your head when the issue of ‘celebrity gossip’ comes up. How they keep on being a matter of interest to us, I have no idea. What do I say, big ups to their publicity team. They are doing one heck of a job!

But relating to the ordinary person, I doubt one would pray to have his or her personal issue being discussed over dinner at a neighbor’s house. Life is hard enough without having to add the pressure of having to be discussed and judged by others. It is impossible not to be gossiped about, however. People love idle talk. Whether you do right or wrong, someone somewhere still deems it important to talk about it.

But not to be talked about at all kind of sounds like you do not even exist. To be deem so ‘irrelevant’ that not even a dog would bark at you whiles you pass by should get you worried. Why, are you a ghost hovering among living beings? A little ‘chatty’ attention from people shows that you are at least up to something and people are interested but not at all is a silent indication that no one really cares if you live or die.

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Most people would prefer to be talked about for the right reasons. They prefer to be mentioned in conversations regarding achievement, respect, prestige, wealth, talent and other related things. Apart from some reality star celebrities who thrive on controversy, majority of people would not want their poor life choices to be talked about openly. To be on everyone’s tongue doesn’t augur well for future decisions either. You’d be too disconcerted by the various versions of your story made up by others to make a clear decision moving forward.

To be in someone’s thoughts and then on his lips must be because of your actions or inactions. I don’t want to be talked about for bad reasons; in a way that would tarnish my image or make me feel ashamed of myself. But if my achievements make people talk, then it means I am influencing someone to think positively to do something good for himself.

Not to be talked about to me means I no longer exist. Even some dead people are still remembered and talked about. So to be alive and not talked about at all is synonymous to not being relevant in your world and I find that as ‘defeating’ to your purpose as a living being.

I don’t know about you; do you prefer to be talked about all the time everywhere? Or you have a phobia for being talked about such that you want to live a ‘ghostly’ life? Kindly share your thoughts.

Josephine Amoako © 2016


4 Comments Add yours

  1. vhuvu says:

    I agree with your post.
    For me I’m a loner so I pass through life quietly. I don’t like being talked about actually but it happens. I believe everyone is talked about in life. Everyone is remembered by at least one or two people in this world. Once you touch a life, leave it or stay in it, you will be talked about doing and remembered unless you were born on an island and you’ve been alone since you were 1.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Very well said. Thanks for dropping in your comment. Have a nice day! ☺


  2. Ufuomaee says:

    I see people are shy to comment here! Well, I’ve never been the secretive type. I don’t care too much what people think and say about me, as long as those I care to call friends and family know the truth. I want to be talked about for the right reasons, and because I can never control what is said… let them talk away! Hopefully, the smart ones will seek me out for the truth, and am an open book on my blog. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Indeed you are and I appreciate you for it, Ufuomaee. You’re right about not being in control about what is said about you. Just live right and leave the talk to the observers.

      Liked by 1 person

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