What Was I Thinking? LXVI


Fitz’s eyes flicked open. He glanced at the bedside clock. 3:45a.m. There was something urgent he needed to take care of. Aha! The gun! Just when he tried getting up, his wife’s arm which circled his waist tightened its grip. He tried freeing himself but she squirmed, murmuring “Please don’t go; just five more minutes,” with her eyes still closed.
“I’ll be right back,” he whispered back but her hand would not budge. He ceded and lay back down. And before he knew it, sleep had taken over him.
When he woke up again, it was 6:15a.m. He groaned which woke me up. I stretched across his chest.
“Good morning,” I said dreamily.
“Good morning, sunshine. Sorry for waking you up. It’s only six. Go back to sleep.”
“Don’t you want me to fix you breakfast?”
“Some breakfast would be nice.”
“Okay,” I said and got up. “I’ll get right to it.” I entered the bathroom and came out about a minute later.
“Anything in particular you’d like to have?”
“No dear; I’ll eat anything you whip up.” I smiled and left the room.
Fitz entered the bathtub and sighed when the water touched his body. He had something urgent to do but couldn’t remember what exactly. Maybe it would come to him before he left for work, he thought.

I hummed to myself whiles I prepared the toast and fried the eggs and sausages. I didn’t know why but I was in a good mood and that sounded like a good start for the day. When I was done, I brushed my hands together and looked at the set table admiringly. Oh, I wasn’t such a bad wife after all. Let me go and inform him it’s ready.

Yes, the gun! Fitz walked towards the drawer but the door opened before he could open it.
“You’re done? Great! Breakfast is ready. And I fried eggs for you.”
“Oh nice.”
“And forgive me if the salt is a bit too much,” I said with a wince. He chuckled.
“I’d actually be surprised if the eggs turn out to be perfect.” I gaped.
“You should appreciate my efforts more, Mr. Daniels.”
“I do and that is why I’m going to eat your breakfast with a straight face even if it sets my tummy on a 24-hour grumbling spree,” he said with a smile.
“Thank you for being so considerate. Now let’s go before it gets cold. Who knows, that could increase it to forty eight hours.” We both laughed and left the room.

“Hmmm…it’s not as bad as I feared,” Fitz said, after emptying his plate. I smiled over my glass of juice.
“I’ll take that as a compliment.”
“It was meant to be one.” He checked his watch.
“Whoa, I guess I lost track of time enjoying your food. Let me go for my…”
“Don’t bother; finish your coffee. I’ll bring you your briefcase,” I offered and walked away before he had the chance to refuse.
When I returned, he was off the chair.
“Here you go.”
“Thank you, my love.” He kissed my cheek and I grinned like a silly girl.
“Hope you’ve no engagements today.”
“Not that I’m aware of.”
“Good; I’ll be back early and you and I are going to spend quality time together.”
“Oh really? I like the sound of that.”
“We’ll go out for dinner; it’s been a while since we did that.”
“Yeah, it has. Please make Rose aware that she’d have to stay a little longer.”
I nodded. He kissed my cheek again.
“See you soon, wifey.”
“I’ll be waiting, hubby.” He left the house.
When I heard the car leave the compound, I sighed. I had the whole day to go on my Operation Rescue Tony mission. I gasped. I hope he didn’t take the gun away, I thought as I ran to the bedroom.

About fifteen minutes after leaving his house, he remembered about the gun. He swore under his breath. If it weren’t for his early meeting which he was almost late to, he would have asked the driver to take him back home. Just one more day in the drawer, I hope Emily doesn’t see it, he wished.

I sighed in relief when I saw the gun just where Adam had placed it the day before. She took it out and glanced at it. Huh, feel totally badass now, I thought to myself. Maybe, I could use it in my operation. Ei, was the safety lock even on? I had no idea how to handle it. I should have paid more attention to Bruce Willis movies. Regardless, I was taking it with me. I couldn’t imagine the look on hubby’s face when he sees it. I pointed it at the bathroom mirror, totally enjoying the image. Who knows, maybe I was born to be a Charlie’s Angel.

Should I take a selfie? Nah, social media would murder me. I was already wanted for being an allegedly unfaithful wife; taking a selfie with a gun was plain stupid. It was safer just having a mental picture of it. Karen would love it though or freak out! Either way would be fun; but I was a mother now. It would be irresponsible of me to risk lil’ Karen’s safety just because of the selfie craze. But I’d have been the Instagram Queen for the day! Shake it off, Emily, I chided myself and put it on the bed. Tony needed my help and every minute mattered.

When I entered lil’ Karen’s room, she was up and was apparently deciding whether to start the day with the typical morning wails or just play with the toys dangling on top of her.
“Good morning, my princess.” She went for the morning wail.
“Come on, sweetie. Why should you respond my greeting with your cries? It breaks my heart,” I said, picking her up. I kissed her cheek.
“Hungry? Huh? Because I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.” The cries began to subside when I took her out of the room. Oh, it seemed she inherited my love for food. My kid indeed.

Rose arrived when I was almost done with breakfast. I kissed my baby and took off. I checked the location Tony had sent me the day before. Hopefully, he was still there. I called the number. No reply. This wasn’t good. I checked my bag. The cute revolver was inside. I hope my plan checks out. But I need my partner in crime, I thought and headed towards campus.

Karen’s phone beeped. SOS from Emily. Thank God! Even if Emily was exaggerating (which she did almost every time), I wouldn’t miss any opportunity to leave this boring class, Karen thought in relief as she packed her books. She quietly slipped out of the lecture room and went outside. A minute later, the car pulled up in front of her. She got in.
“This better be good, Em.”
“Like you weren’t happy I pulled you out,” I said knowingly. She smiled and I took off.
“So what is this about?”
“We’re going on Operation Rescue Tony.”
“You think Fitz is still holding him?”
“I don’t just think, Karen; I know. He sending Adam over to the house to distract me couldn’t have been any more obvious. And I brought backup.”
“In the form of?”
“Check my bag.” She searched and pulled it out. She gasped.
“I hope this is a prop gun.”
“That would make sense if Fitz was an actor but you and I know better.”
“Fitz keeps a gun at home?”
“Yep; imagine my shock. But after I got over it, I had crazy selfie thoughts.”
“Which you didn’t carry out, right?”
“Nah; I’m mature now.”
“Thank God. So what’s the plan exactly?”
“Scare the hell out of whoever is keeping Tony and get him out of there.”
“And if Fitz is there?”
“The better! He’ll let him go when he sees the gun.”
“I don’t feel comfortable with this, Em. Do you even know how to handle it safely?”
“I’m not going to pull the trigger, Karen. Hey, put it down! The police is looking at us!” Karen put it back in the bag.  We both put on our best plastic smiles and greeted the officer who smiled back. I sighed in relief.
“You almost sent us to the cells, Karen.”
“Sorry; I’ve never seen a gun in real life. So forgive my shock.”

Fitz walked in. Adam was already there, glaring at Tony.
“Has he said anything useful yet?” Fitz asked.
“Nope.” He turned to face Fitz. “And Emily? She won’t be coming here, right?”
“I doubt. I promised her dinner out today. I’m sure she’ll spend the day checking out her wardrobe. I’ve got her covered,” Fitz said with a dismissive wave of the hand. Adam nodded.
“Let’s get to business then.”

“Are you sure of the address?” Karen said.
“Well, unless Fitz has hired all the people on the streets to give us wrong directions to the place, I think we should trust the info we have so far.”
“I know; the place looks so…abandoned.”
“Which makes it the perfect hideout for a kidnap.”
“We’re not in Hollywood, Em.”
“Why isn’t anyone taking me serious? We shall see.” After a moment of silence, Karen pointed to a building.
“That looks like the one the guy described to us. Let’s park here.”
“Okay.” We got out of the car and I locked the doors.  I looked around. No one in sight. Help me find Tony, I muttered under my breath as we started towards the building.

Adam’s knuckles hurt and so did Tony’s face.
“Come on Tony; let’s not waste each other’s time any longer. Just tell us what we need to know…”
“You two stop right now!” They both turned.
“I can’t believe this. You know what, let’s all decide to forget this ever happened and let’s all go home,” I said.
“Shut it, Adam! You’re a promising superstar and you’re here acting like some underground crook. And you, Fitz…I’m lost for words. You two are here because something I did; you two can’t ruin your lives because of my mistake. Let him go.”
“I’m sorry love; I can’t do that,” Fitz said coolly.
“He looks terrible. He needs medical attention,” Karen remarked.
“The only attention he’s going to get is the one from the fist.”
“I’m not going to say it again,” I warned.
“You shouldn’t be here.”
“Neither should either of you!”
“Okay; fine. You two go back home. We’re almost done here anyway.”
Okay; talking wasn’t helping. I pulled it out and pointed it at Fitz.
“Let him go, Fitz.” Everyone froze. Fitz gasped when he recognized his weapon.
“Where…where did you get it?”
“Where do you think I got it, my love? Untie him right now!”
“Emily, put it down,” Adam said, starting towards me. I redirected the gun at him which made him stop in his tracks.
“Go and untie him, Karen.” She ran to Tony and started work. I held the gun with both hands when I felt my hand trembling.
“Emily, is the safety lock on?”
“How am I supposed to know? You would know.”
“It’s loaded, Emily and it’s dangerous since you don’t know how…”
“Exactly why you should take me seriously because just one slip and someone could get hurt really bad.”
“He’s free now,” Karen said.
“Great; put it down now,” Adam said.
“Oh no, Tony is coming with me.”
“Emily, put it down,” Fitz said, coming towards me. I pointed it at him again.
“Don’t come near me, Fitz.”
“I’m good now, Em. Put it down,” Tony said. Oh, he looked terrible. I pointed it at Adam.
“I am so disappointed in you.” Before I knew it, Adam was right in front of me, trying to disarm me.
“Leave me alone!”
“Emily, be care….” A shot rang in the air. Everyone froze. Adam and I stared at each other, fear dancing in each other’s eyes; each wondering who got shot and who shot who. I gasped. Oh God, what had I done?

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  1. subtleroyalty says:

    You really should write a book out of this. I’ve been hooked since I read the first one. Okay bye:)

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Yeah, maybe I would. Thanks for reading, dear! ☺

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  2. Colleen says:

    Can you please direct me to where the story starts?


  3. Colleen says:

    Never mind, I found it 🙂

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Good👍 wish you a happy reading! ☺

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      1. Colleen says:

        I look forward to reading the story. I just need to dedicate enough time to go through the whole story so far but from what I read here I am loving it so far!


  4. joymanda says:

    Hi, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Have a lookhttps://mandietalks.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/the-versatile-blogger-award-2/


  5. joymanda says:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Mandie. I appreciate it ☺

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      1. joymanda says:

        You are welcome

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  6. yvonnekache says:

    Please follow back


  7. Kodwo Hybrid says:

    You write beautifully Josey, I absolutely enjoyed reading this.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Kodwo! ☺


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