I’m so faith-full!

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#DailyPost: Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life…or doesn’t.

Wow…where do I begin? I must confess that my faith as a Christian encompasses my entire life; my perspective on life, my personality…everything.

Come to think of it, where would I be without my faith? Nowhere good, for that I’m sure! Because of the path I’ve chosen to tread on, there are some places I’ve never set my foot at, some friends I never had, some ‘mistakes’ I’ve never had to commit and spend my life regretting; and for that, I’m grateful.

Some skeptical people would argue that faith is for lazy people who would rather look up to some non-existent deity to work up miracles in their lives instead of doing whatever it takes to get what they want out of life. But personally, I believe active faith (and not passive) is not cut out for lazy people. On the contrary, having faith is like daily exercise and the strength to have it is given from above.

It takes strength to accept that there will always be things outside our control which can only be sorted out by the intervention of the Creator of the universe. It is not easy having to go through a life of uncertainties, taking the road less travelled when everyone else was taking the short cut (without much bruises, it seems), finding yourself ‘deprived’ of ‘all the fun the world’ is having…all for what? Seems to be too much to sacrifice for eternity in a place where most people believe do not exist after death. You can have heaven on earth; you just have to create it for yourself-the philosophy of the century.

For me, my faith in God keeps my heart intact. It doesn’t break when life throws at me its toughest punches neither does it waver when circumstances require that I tumble into despair. Sometimes I tend to doubt if a challenge could ever be overcome but God never ceases to prove Himself faithful. In an era where ‘whom-you-know’ seems to be the only acceptable ticket into certain institutions and organizations, God has shown me on several counts that His favor can take me places where my feet could never go by themselves and unlike man, when He offers me opportunities, there are no ‘strings attached’ to worry about and neither do they have expiry dates.
I have no regrets about the choices I’ve made in my life because of my faith.

Thanks to my personal relationship with God, I find myself growing, being pruned and refined with every challenge I have to face and I must say, I like what I see when I look at myself in the mirror now. I might not be the most beautiful, popular or talented one in my corner of the world but as long as I’m assured that I have my Father’s approval, I’m content even if that means I’d never have the world’s applause. What He thinks of me is much more important than the opinion of the whole world put together.

At the end, all I want to hear after my race is finished is, “Well done, my good and faithful servant…”


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  1. Just like St Paul said,I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. – 2 Timothy 4:7 God Bless you friend.

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