The Mourinho Facts of Life

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The world literally erupted in an uproar at the news of Jose Mourinho’s dismissal from Chelsea FC. Some celebrated in glee as if some autocrat had been finally removed from power; others expressed their dismay about the club’s decision to let such a gem like him go. That’s life; when someone stumbles and falls, there are the others would jubilate as if their survival depended on your downfall and others would sympathize though they might not be in any position to help.

I am not and have never been a fan of Chelsea FC; I couldn’t even bring myself to pretend that I cared if they won or lost an important game. But I’ve always admired the man Mourinho. Why? Because he knows what he’s worth and nothing can take that away from him.

Jose Mourinho is undisputedly one of the best football coaches of our time or perhaps of all time. He has chalked a lot of success and trophies which sets him way apart from his fellow managers. But that obviously doesn’t exempt him from the ups and downs of this journey called life.

This football season has been nothing short of terrible for the phenomenal coach causing him to be the in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and being the topic of discussion all over even to the point of being the inspiration for Facebook and Twitter jokes. I didn’t take it seriously when the season began because it seemed kind of normal when the league champions of the previous season faced a few challenges getting their act together in a new one. But then I found myself getting worried (surprisingly) when the unthinkable started happening in series: losing against the ‘escorting’ teams-the ones who only exist to push the big teams to the top of the league table. Then I knew Mourinho was in trouble.

In one way or the other, in any endeavor you find yourself in, you can choose to be the Mourinho or belong to the rest. You can strive to be the best there is in the world you’ve carved out for yourself. And it is not easy filling such big shoes; the higher you go, the more numerous your haters and critics and the louder their voices rise against you. Some out of sheer envy would exert their last energy praying for your doomsday as if that would make their world any better; but it seems such people do exist-those who feel better about their uneventful lives when someone greater hits a wall.

But people sometimes forget that the fall of someone doesn’t mean the end of him/her. Whiles they celebrate your misfortune, don’t stay down. Get up, shake the dust off and continue. Some folks would try to keep you down by trampling on your self-esteem and breaking down your self-motivation system but they would only succeed if you let them.

Whenever I see Mourinho, I see perseverance, determination, courage and a hunger for greatness. He might seem to have been badly burnt right now but I do believe he’s going to rise out of the ashes like a phoenix and soar higher than he has ever done.

If you are on top of your game at the moment, watch out lest you fall. If you happen to be down, don’t stay down. It is not the end; it is just a bus stop. Catch the next bus and carry on. I bet the next bus would be more fun and fulfilling than the one which just dropped you. You may feel let down and betrayed by the very ones you helped but don’t waste your time and energy hating and feeling bitter. Let it go and move on.

Want to be a Mourinho? Keep your head up and your eyes on the goal. All other things are distractions. The ones cheering you on in the stand might very well be the very ones who ask for your head when things go south.

Life isn’t fair but winners never quit and quitters never win.


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    1. joseyphina says:

      I’m glad you do, Debbie. 👍


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