Church Girl Wahala


Upon hearing a lot of stories on radio and online, there’s an issue that intrigues me. Men (most of them) after enjoying their youthful days with the ‘wild ‘n’ free’ kind of girl, prefer to settle down with the ‘good girl.’ Why, because they want to build a home and family with someone with virtue and character so that his kids would be raised in a responsible manner. Why they go around testing the waters and ‘gaining experience’ and then later look for ‘greener pastures’ to pitch their tent, I have no idea. It’s a man’s world, after all.

But after finding the typical ‘church girl,’ they get troubled over the church activities their wives are involved in. Do they have to attend EVERY church programme? Why do they have to wait behind after service to speak to the pastor? As I heard one married man say, “I understand when they (single) attend church regularly; it’s definitely because of us (men) but if you’ve finally gotten the man, why keep up the trend?” Interesting line of thought, isn’t it?

So the thing is: they want a church girl to marry but they don’t want the wife to keep on being churchy. Is it a sign of insecurity, spiritual disinterest or sheer meanness? A story told on radio mentioned a man who would scrutinize the wife’s attire before she went to church. Why, not to draw attention from other men. If he is the kind who goes to church once in a blue moon or only when he’s invited to a wedding; finds local church services as noisy and a nuisance and makes a big fuss about having to pay tithe with the mentality that his hard-earned money would be used to fuel the pastor’s car and the pay for the pastor’s wife new lace-cloth, then the woman is in for trouble.

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If a woman finds herself stuck up with such a man, how long can she say the ‘get-thee-behind-me’ prayer against the person she has become one with? And when the man decides just to be mean, that’s another story altogether. No amount of Bible verses sound justifiable in his ears; she belongs to him alone and he is not sharing. Period!

So I can’t help but wonder, what is it that men find so attractive about the church girl when she’s single that becomes almost repulsive to them after she’s married? Is it the strong commitment to her spiritual growth that the men find threatening? Or they just feel sidelined? Or they want their wives to be as ‘fun’ as the girlfriends they left behind… I just can’t fathom.

So when men call radio stations to complain about their churchy wives, I don’t know how to feel sorry for them….they sound needy (everyone loves a little pampering, it seems) but….is church really the problem? Is it also possible that things are not brewing right at home that is why the wives rush to find solace in church?

#Just typing out loud.


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  1. Interested read…. something think about. Hope u well…God Bless

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Yes I am. Thanks for asking. Stay blessed ☺


  2. My question is, how did the ‘Church girl’ marry that kind of guy in the first place? #justasking


    1. joseyphina says:

      Oh, sometimes they marry from the church but the guys are mere church-goers


      1. Not everyone in Church is of God. We need to be led by the Spirit in such serious matters and getting Pastoral consent before marriage helps, because a good Pastor knows his brethren.

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      2. joseyphina says:

        Exactly but how many people do that?


  3. Josh Hods says:

    This is a nice piece with great insight.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Josh. Merry Christmas ☺


  4. ms_aajay says:

    Asking the big questions. Nice Jo.

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