My Flaw?

Writing Prompt from Daily Post: what is your worst quality?

Everyone has flaws; innate ones which cannot be concealed with the choicest of makeup or a pretend attitude. It is part of what makes us human, unique. Denying they exist is disputing your human nature; accepting them doesn’t make you any less human.

My worst flaw (known to me) is the difficulty in letting go…of people. I know that just there are seasons and times for everything, so it is with the people who come into our lives. Some enter our lives to toughen us up and prep us for our next phase in life (holla to all the tough lovers out there :); some come to give us a perspective to life different from what we’ve always had and then exit. Some come and journey with us for a larger part of our lifetime and may or may not leave at one point in time. Some just make a fleeting appearance but leave indelible marks in our lives-could be scars which could affect us throughout our lives or seeds which would sprout in us the needed boost to do exploits and in turn affect others.

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But I tend to hold on to the ones leaving; I refuse to accept that their time at my camp is up and it’s time to move on. And by keeping my eyes on those at the exit, I tend to lose sight of those waiting at the entrance. I put my fragile heart through so much needless ache when I should be freeing it from expired and overdue emotions and making way for new experiences.

Time and time again, I have come face to face with the consequence of holding on instead of letting go. No matter how good of a friend you want to be to someone, there comes a time you have to face the fact that your role in the person’s life is over. It hurts especially when you feel there could have been more memories to make and keep. But that’s life.

However, life and distance puts a premature end to friendships and it takes relentless people like me to save them from dying. I am grateful for times like those when in saving those relationships, I found myself acquiring more treasure worth anything money could secure.

But with the months and years that have flown by, I’ve grown and I’ve come to know that sometimes it’s better to let go than to hold on. But it’s important to ensure that you’ve left a good imprint in their lives before letting go. Thus, though your paths might never meet physically again, thoughts of you will constantly be with them and comfort them in their darkest moments and be fond memories to recall in good times.

So when it’s time to let go, don’t take it personal. It’s the script of life; we have to follow its lead. So in this coming New Year, I ask God for strength to let go of those I have to and hold on to those I need to. Holding on might be my worst quality, my biggest flaw but I’m proud of it anyway :).


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  1. That’s part of the plan.. To be perfectly imperfect, I believe, allows us to experience, learn and grow. 😉

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