Living Epistle


When applying to school or for a job, a recommendation letter is required. It is a silent but powerful voice approving you for a particular position or institution. It is an official attestation of what qualities you possess and what you can bring on board. You can describe yourself with all the ideal adjectives you can find in the latest edition of a dictionary but a superior’s stamp of approval is the icing on the cake. (And who doesn’t like icing?☺)

How about being a living letter? Where every smile you give is a word that tells the world that there is hope no matter how bad things look now. Where an act of kindness to all and sundry is a punctuation mark which announces that extending a helping hand transcends all lines be it religion, race or social status. And where forgiveness is a paragraph that convinces the world that we can live peaceably with all men without having to hold grudges or dig graves of revenge.

People all over the world keep talking about the amazing love of Christ for mankind portrayed by dying on the cross. But this wonderful message is coming out of the lips of people who backbite, gossip, envy, slander their colleagues at school, work, church and wherever people meet. This makes it confusing for the ordinary man to marry the concept of a perfect God and a bunch of deeply flawed people as His followers.

This is why as living epistles, we are to tell the world that our salvation is by grace; we are not perfect but we are striving towards it daily; that we live by faith and not by our circumstances. Whiles the world advises that we use what we have to get what we want out of this life, we use our faith to get where we are destined to be.

We all have a past; scarred with nasty events but we are living testimonies that God can give us beauty for our ashes. No matter how many times we fall, we never run out of second chances with Him. If only we would tell the world with our lives how God has been and continues to be faithful to us in His deeds and unconditional in His love towards us. If only we would be honest and tell the world how uneasy it is sometimes to live right in today’s world so people would not beat themselves down when they fall…

Let our lives be the tablet on which God writes His love letter to the world, our hands reaching out to the falling and our feet rushing to the aid of the helpless. Be a letter of encouragement, hope, patience, self-control, love, peace and joy. Let people testify that there is a God because of you. Be a living epistle.

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  1. nogr8trlove says:

    Great post! This just adds to my days food for thought! Thanks so much

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