Face-to-face or Over the phone?


A little while ago, our network of relationships was limited to the friends we kept in school, the colleagues we had at work and the family we were born in. Whenever a friend or relative went overseas, it was more or less like he/she is no more part of the network since it was too expensive to call abroad just to check in or chat up.

But thanks to internet evolution and the birth of social media, that era is long behind us. We can communicate with our loved ones in space or even in a submarine and feel like it’s happening face-to-face. That’s how cool the world has become now.

But with the craze of keeping up with the world, we sometimes lose focus on the people close to us. We claim to cherish the moments we get to spend with our loved ones but we spend half of the time on our phones and tabs, checking if someone has commented on our status update or liked our tweets. The outside world’s opinion of us seem to matter more than the conversation we have with a friend or sibling at the ‘now’ moment.


Catching up with family and friends out of town and overseas is important; but so is spending quality time with those living with us/sitting right next to us. It is no doubt that the phone is the new best friend everyone has in this era but let’s not forget that before the phone came in vogue, the people in your life existed and their essence cannot be compared to the number of likes on your Instagram or Facebook post.

It is fun to share the funny posts on social media with friends during conversations and it helps make dialogue richer and diverse but to intermittently ignore them just to laugh to ourselves about some viral post online is just not…not cool. 


The world just felt closer and more personal with the internet and you open yourself up to multiple opportunities, professionally and socially by being active on social media. It is one of the perks of being part of the 21st century and everyone should take advantage of it.

But let’s not filter and thus make shallow the relationships that we have in person. Let’s make them feel special to us whenever we spend time with them; let’s not make our phones their rivals.

Photo credits to Google Images.

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