What Was I Thinking? LV


“It’s not what you think…” Fitz began lamely. That sparked Karen off as she stood up with her hands still holding on to Emily’s hands for dear life.
“You have absolutely no idea what I’m thinking right now, Fitz,” she said, spewing his name in disdain.
“Listen to me…” “I have nothing to say to you right now; all my concerns will be addressed to the police.” “No, you can’t.”
“Oh I can’t? Why, are you going to stop me by stealing me away and telling the whole world that I accidentally died? It seems to be your latest specialty.”
“Karen, please…”
“Get out!” Karen shouted, drawing attention to the others around. Karen looked down when she felt her hand being squeezed.
“Emily?” I opened my eyes weakly. It was all blurry at first but when they began to focus, my heart leaped when they recognized Karen.
“Thank God!” Karen said excitedly.
“I need a doctor over here!”
“Emily…” I turned towards the male voice. He drew nearer and I flinched.
“Don’t you touch her, you sociopath!”
“Emily, are you okay?”
“Security!” Karen shouted.
“Give me…”
“I’ll leave, Karen; let me hear what she wants to say,” Fitz pleaded. He looked at me with pitiful eyes.
“Give me my baby,” I said faintly. He said nothing and glanced at Karen.
“I think I’ll give you two some time to catch up. Don’t worry about the bill; I’ll take care of it.” He turned and started walking away.
“Oh, we weren’t worried at all,” Karen spat at his back. She sat down and held my hand with both of hers.
“I can’t believe my eyes. I can’t believe what you’ve been through. I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”
“Shush…I’m happy the plan worked.” “What plan?” “The plan to get me out of the prison he created for me. One of his workers helped me.” “So it wasn’t really a suicide attempt?” Karen said hopefully. I nodded. She sighed in relief.
“I knew it! I knew you loved yourself too much to give up on life.” I chuckled and so did she.
“How’s the world without me?”
“Empty and boring. James wouldn’t believe this,” Karen said excitedly.
“Yeah, coming back from the dead to take away his girlfriend. Classic me, right?” I said. Karen laughed. Tears filled her eyes.
“You have no idea how happy I am to see you again, Em. We both need to go thank God in church when we leave this place. If I didn’t have the dream earlier today…”
“Yeah, no argument there. I know I haven’t been a perfect girl but God still kept me alive. I owe Him one.” “You owe Him all!” Karen corrected. I smiled and nodded in agreement.
“I can’t wait to see my baby.” Then a sudden fear gripped my heart.
“You don’t think Fitz is going to take my baby from me, do you?”
“I doubt he will. He has no right to.”
“Fitz is powerful, Karen. He is capable of anything…as long as he thinks it.”
“Let’s not worry ourselves about that, okay? Let’s get out of here and go home. I’m sure your parents would be shocked to see you.” “Yeah maybe or just disappointed.” “What do you mean?” “Apparently, Fitz has been giving them monthly allowance to compensate them for my loss. If I’m alive, then it means the allowance would stop flowing. Something tells me that won’t amuse my mother.”
“Come on, are you implying your mother would choose some bucks over her only daughter?” “I’m saying I wouldn’t be surprised if she chastises me for leaving the comfort of safe haven provided by my generous husband. She can be weird like that.”
“Whatever happens, we’ll figure it out.”
“How’s school?”
“Hmm…going through the motions.” “And…how’s…?” I hesitated.  “Adam? I have no idea, Em. He’s moved on apparently. It’s been a while since I heard from him personally or even on the airwaves.”
“Do you think we should…?” Karen gave me one of her classic ‘don’t-you-dare’ looks which I had missed so much. I swallowed.
“We have bigger things to sort out than you reconciling with your lover, Em. Please consider the priorities here.”
“Okay but when we’re done…” “Whatever you want to do after that, I’ll personally arrange it. Does that make you feel better?” Karen said. I nodded with a girlish smile.
“Good.” A doctor approached us.
“Good to have you back,” he said with a warm smile.
“It’s good to be back,” I responded.

Adam stopped by Fitz’s residence to see his baby. Fitz allowed him to do so anytime he wanted to but since Emily’s passing, the custody issue was never brought up. He didn’t have the strength to pursue it…not alone anyway. He missed Emily but he knew he had to accept what had happened and move on.
Rose let him in and brought lil’ Karen to him. As he sat playing with and admiring the little being, his phone beeped. A text message from Karen. That’s strange, he thought as he opened it.
“Don’t freak out and if you’re holding something valuable, put it down before you drop it.” He looked at lil’ Karen, wondering how he could manage whatever news was following without dropping his baby.
Another text. “Emily’s alive.” HUH?! He almost dropped lil’ Karen. He held her tighter and found his breath coming short. The hand holding the phone started trembling.

The door opened and Fitz stormed in. Adam stood. Fitz paused when he saw him.
“I…I…came to see how she was doing.” He didn’t know why he was stammering.
Fitz walked over to him and took the baby from him.
“That’s okay but I want some time alone with her right now so…” “Yeah, I’ll be on my way. Thanks, Mr. Daniels.” “We have a meeting in two days’ time…” “Yeah, I’ll be there,” Adam said hastily and walked out of the house.
Adam’s head was spinning. Was it a prank? This joke was too expensive. Besides, he wasn’t on such cool terms with Karen anyway. He called her number.

Fitz stared at the beautiful baby.
“I love you, Karen. I love your mother too. I wish you both could believe me. It’s just that I wanted her…I wanted both of you…all to myself. I know that sounds selfish but I love you both too much to share you with anyone…even if that person is your real father.” He kissed the baby’s forehead.
“If I can’t hold on to your mother any longer, I’m not going to let you go. You’re the last piece that holds my life together. If I lose you, I’m done and I’m not ready for that just yet,” Fitz said. Lil’ Karen yawned.
“I can’t lose you too,” he said determinedly.

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