Who Did She Get Married To?


Most women wonder why men lose interest in them after marriage. Why do our eyes wander off to find the younger versions of our partners whiles they are working their heads off to support us at home? It is not that we don’t appreciate what they do for us; sometimes it seems they kind of miss the essentials after we have said the magic two words.

Before the nuptials, all she was concerned about was looking good and making me happy. I felt like I was on cloud nine. To have such an amazing woman to have my pleasure at heart felt like heaven on earth. But after we moved in together as a couple, her priorities shifted from pleasing me to taking care of the home. Not that I don’t value her home management skills, it just feels like she cares more about the house than she does me.

Whenever I crave for some quality time together, she is more concerned about cleaning the house or stocking the fridge with every food imaginable. The weekends that we have to ourselves, she uses to run around the house, doing laundry, buzzing around as if passing the test for homemaking 101 was all that mattered.


I know finding a wife is a good thing and all and I thank God for her good heart but why is she taking care of everything concerning me except me? Is it selfish of me to want more of her despite her amazing efforts to make me the most enviable husband on earth?     
I like a clean home, with well-dressed and behaved children but I also want my wife, not just a homemaker. I need her to consider talking and spending time with me as an equal priority to cooking dinner and keeping the house sparkling clean. And when she’s not busy with home duties, then she is attending to leftover work from the  office.

Photo credits to Google Images.

So I guess it is not our fault if we tend to find younger ladies with their perfect hair and nails done appealing and sometimes tempting to be with.  They remind us of how fun our pre-marital days used to be and for the weak-willed men, find themselves cheating eventually.

So kindly help me tell my wife that before the children were, I was and it is I she married and not the house. I love her greatly and I can’t overstate how transformed she has made my life but could she spare some time to take care of herself for me? I don’t have to Google through my mental archives to remind myself how beautiful and attractive my wife used to be. Even though the times have changed and she is a mother and homemaker now, she remains my wife and I need to see her that way.

From a concerned brother and husband,


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  1. keithearthur says:

    Wow. Interesting read. Sounds like you’ve explored some part of some men’s world..lol

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