Her Big Day

The day every girl can’t wait to have. The day she has been dreaming of ever since she learnt how to dream. From the colour of roses to the number of bridesmaids, every detail has been carefully played out in her mind. Every ceremony witnessed only reinforces her resolve to be a bride one day.

The makeup must be flawless, the heels-they should sparkle; why, because she would be the Cinderella of the day. The hair should be perfectly fixed and the nails…what can I say? They should befit the hand about to get the ring.

And the dress? Whoa, it should be breathtaking. The men should nod in approval and the ladies should gasp in admiration. Yeah, gasp because the glamour should render them speechless. It should be the topic running on everyone’s lips. And the groom? He should be stunning as well. After all, he’s her Prince Charming.
The cake must be sweet…inside out. In sum, everything should be perfect.

It’s the biggest moment in her story…the movie scene everyone should be looking forward to. And she has no intention of leaving any stone unturned to have her perfect dream day become a reality.
So every guy she dates is just an audition to see if he fits in her big plans. If he is cute enough, charming enough, perfect enough to take her hand at the altar. And when the moment comes for her to respond ‘I do,’ would her heart flutter with excitement because she knows beyond all reasonable doubt that she’s making the right choice or would she hesitate; dreading that the guy she thinks he is may be wearing another face when she wakes up next to him the following morning?
But she presses on. This day must come before the end of the world. And judging from the trending news, she knows she doesn’t have time on her side. Each day matters, each date matters and so does every conversation.

So when you see her humming to herself with glee, don’t nudge her to stop; she is envisaging if the song will be perfect for her day. And don’t mind her when she makes the effort to maintain her weight; she just wants to make sure she looks just right for her dress.

Although it is a special day to both persons involved, it is extremely important that it becomes memorable to the lady. No wonder it’s the wishes of the bride that usually count.
People say the ceremony is just an initiating rite to usher one into another phase of life; it’s just a day but life after that is a whole journey. She knows that and when she gets to that bridge, she will cross it. But for now, leave her to dream.

Her day is going to be a big day.

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  1. You are a great writer Phina, I still do not measure the numbers, because what is always important is that even if one gets something from the message in my poems, maybe it will be a game changer in their life. I have been writing for almost 45 years but only sharing since 2010! I have books out, but I do not sell myself, I do it to share the love I feel from God each day and I want everyone in the world to feel it. God already knows whom my words will move. Hugs!


    1. joseyphina says:

      You’re a great writer as well, Wendell and you really inspire me with your pieces. Thanks for passing by. 🙂


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