To some, home is a destination-a place where we hope to end up one day;
To another, it’s a location-the vicinity we aspire to live;
To others, it’s a building to which we return after our daily routines;
But to me, it’s a person-someone I can’t wait to return to when the day ends

Some tie up their concept of home to a place and they never end up there, they forever feel homeless.
For others, the only picture of home they have is the structure wherein they lay their heads each night and when life takes them somewhere far away from that, they feel they left a piece of them behind them.
But if your home is someone, you’re not tied down to a location; you’re mobile. Wherever he/she is, you feel at home around him/her regardless if it is on a bus or at a park. One would ask, ‘what if the person passes away?’ You’d lose that ‘home’ forever. I beg to differ on that.
First of all, my home is bigger than my parents or my beloved family at large. Home goes beyond the amazing company of my friends. My home falls on the bosom of the Master Architect who created me. He knows me best so no matter how stormy my life becomes at one point in time, I know my abode is secure.

I’m thankful that my God is not made up of wood which will burn when set ablaze; nor is He an idol who cannot see, move, speak, breathe much more fight my battles for me. I’m glad He is not a product of man’s inventions which can fail especially when you need it the most. But he is the Creator of all things, and the Mastermind behind some of the world’s greatest inventions.
He is eternal and so is my place in Him. Each day I live, I live in Him, through Him and for Him. And when He sweeps me away from this world, I will rest in His presence forever. No insurance policy beats that for sure.

Photo credits to Google Images.

And since He is such a sweet God and He knows how much we need humans to survive, He gives us family, friends and loved ones to love on earth till we meet Him in heaven.
So blessed is the one who finds home in someone who God has specially prepared! The ‘home’ will never run out of stock because God Himself will replenish every provision. Even in hard times when all there is are quarrels and tension, one knows and still trusts that the home he/she has will stand because the home was prepared uniquely for him/her.

So when I say my home is a person, I don’t fear that I’d be rendered destitute when he moves out of my continent or worse still, if he is to pass away. Because when that happens, my real Home above will give me another person to be called mine.

Mine to hold and behold;
Mine to nurture and to be nurtured;
Mine to live with and die beside;
Mine and only mine

Josephine Amoako © 2015

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