Celebrity Status: Role Playing or Life Living?

Feels great to be in front of the cameras but not every time…

You think you know all about me because you’ve read my profile on Wikipedia. You think I’ve got it all covered because you saw the preview of my ‘fabulous’ lifestyle on TV. You think I’m forever happy because you see me smiling on magazine covers and posing on red carpets looking all charming. If only you knew…

I remember staring at the movie and music stars on my TV screen in admiration when I was little. It was then that I promised myself I would end up like them when I grew up.
Since I was little, I prepared myself for the life of fame. Dressing the part, speaking the part, signing the part,smiling and waving the part, living the part but my wildest imagination couldn’t fathom was how to live with myself after losing myself.
I learnt in the hardest way that my life wasn’t mine to own anymore. The moment I entered your living and bedrooms on your screens, I lost the key to my private life.

In the beginning, I found it flattering that the world wanted to know every inch of my life, including my diet, my keep-fit schedules even down to where I do my grocery shopping. My tweets became others’ status updates, crowned with thousands of likes, retweets and favorites whether I made sense or not. I felt like a role model. I knew it was a huge responsibility and I was ready to take it on but how do I succeed when I’m doomed to fail before I could even start?

With the cameras zooming in on my every step and the paparazzi hounding me and buzzing like flies, it was only a matter of time for me to miss a step along the way. And guess who the people to cast the first stone were? The very people I was trying so hard to please!

Then I realized it was a lost cause, how my efforts to make my life make sense were all in vain. The media extends its matchmaking services to me without me soliciting for them. My love life was everyone’s business and TV panelists thought it was their God-given right to judge my choices.
I had to run to rehab not because of the cover story that I was depressed or anything of the sort; I just wanted to have a few weeks to myself. I needed time, space peace and quiet to figure out the pieces which was my life. I couldn’t believe I was running from everything that I had toiled so hard for so I could at least catch a good night’s sleep. Away from my queen sized bed with the soft fluffy pillows! All was vanity!

So don’t assume that my life is perfect because the various entertainment shows brand it so. Behind the envious glam is the incomparable desire to stay covered under the naked glare of the camera flashes. I’m not saying it’s all bad; it has its perks so it makes sense to enjoy it as it lasts.

Photo credits to Google Images.

But if there’s anything I have learnt from this life, it would be that it’s the little things that make life meaningful. As they say, there is beauty in simplicity. If I could trade the fame I had dreamed of for years for a simple life, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second.
Who knows, maybe when my time in the limelight expires and someone else gets the spot, maybe I could live the life I really want. This is not to discourage anyone from living the life they wish in the near future but not the make the same mistakes I made.

Being a celebrity is a privilege to do something which will last in the sands of time. Fancy parties will come and go and scandals are like a taint which will never fade. So it is not who you wear and where you wear it to that count, but the legacy you leave behind after the spotlight has moved on from you.

So as you plan to get on stage, plan well on how to keep your life together both on and off the red carpet. Your life is going to be a channel for many people to watch. Make sure it’s not about your life being a nose dive, travelling from something to nothing. Instead, let it be a documentary of a life worth emulating and forever remembered.

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