What Was I Thinking? XLVIII


He got up when the grey Ford pulled up in front of him. He walked to the other side, opened the door and sat inside.
Fitz opened his palm. The younger man handed him a brown envelope. Fitz opened it.
“Nothing happened, sir. No communication whatsoever.”
“You’re sure?”
“Yeah, they came face-to-face at the campus party but that lasted for a few seconds. They haven’t met ever since.”
Fitz nodded. He picked the stuffed envelope beside him and handed it to the young man.
“Thanks, sir. Nice doing business with you. Till next time.”
“I don’t hope for a next time.” He nodded and got out of the car. The car drove away. He glanced at the photos in the envelope. Fitz sighed in relief.
“I can trust my wife again.”

I was painting my fingernails whiles Karen helped Rose set the table.
“Wow…just look at the Queen having a jolly time whiles we make lunch ready for her,” Karen said cynically.
“Don’t grumble, my loyal servant. You shall be duly rewarded when my Lord arrives,” I replied.
“Epitome of annoyance.”
“I just want to make sure I look perfect for my husband when he gets home.”
“And what if the food is burnt?”
“Well, he’d know it wasn’t my fault because I wouldn’t even cook in the first place.”
“Amazing how you can say that with pride.”
“I’m not saying I’m proud about it, honey. I’m just being honest,” I sang out.
Karen shook her head and joined me on the couch. I showed her my hand.
“Looks good.” I smiled proudly.
The door opened and we both turned.
“I’m home!” I got up.
“Finally!” I started my way towards him.
“You’re still pregnant? Thought you’d have delivered by now,” he said mockingly.
“Very funny.” We hugged.
“Hi Karen; thanks for taking care of her for me.”
“You’re very much welcome, Fitz. Having to deal with pregnant Em has indeed an experience.”
“She hasn’t done a good job, Fitz.”
“Oh really?” Karen placed her hands on her hips. I pulled out my tongue at her.
The driver brought in his suitcase. Rose took it upstairs.
“Lunch is ready, honey. Would you want to freshen up first?”
“I’ll just have a change of clothes. And thanks for making lunch, Karen,” Fitz said.
I gaped at him. “How do you know it wasn’t me who prepared lunch?”
“Come on, honey,” he said and kissed my hair, “we all know that as the gospel truth.” Karen laughed.
“I’ll surprise you both one of these days.”
“Can’t wait for that day!” Karen said. We all laughed.
“I’ll go and get changed.”
“Thanks for being here, Karen. Means a lot to me.”
“What are friends for? Let’s go sit down.”

We began eating after Karen said grace. I asked Fitz about his trip and he narrated his schedule which included intermittent visits to some old friends.
“Did you see Lizzy?”
“No. I haven’t seen her since I was at the hospital. How is campus?”
“Same old same old; lectures, assignments, eating, sleeping.”
“Heard from Adam yet?” Fitz asked. I looked at him curiously.
“What do you mean?”
“The contract. Has he come to terms with it?”
“Well, I haven’t heard from him so I wouldn’t know.”
“Okay, I’ll call him.” Karen and I shared a look.
“So…have you two come up with baby names?” Karen asked.
“Not really; I was thinking…” I began.
“I think Adam will do just fine.” I turned my head sharply to look at him. He shrugged as he sipped his water. I waited for him to put his glass down.
“I don’t think that’s a good…”
“If we’re compelling him to waive his rights, the least thing we can do is name the child after him.”
“Then maybe we shouldn’t make him waive his rights,” I said.
“What are you talking about?”
“He feels like he’s selling out his child to make a career and he hates that. He hasn’t made any move challenging you over the paternity of the child. Why stir up trouble when trouble is nowhere near?”
“I think it’s better if we clear this issue before the baby arrives.”
“Whatever you say.”
“Name her Karen if she’s a girl.” Fitz and I glanced at her. She smiled coolly and I shook my head.

A few days passed and Fitz said nothing about the Adam issue so I assumed he had let it go. Little did I know…
“Honey, I’ll be out for a little while. I’m meeting a colleague for a short talk. I’ll be back before you know it.” I nodded and he bent to kiss me when we heard the doorbell ring.
“Is Karen coming over?”
“No; I’m not expecting anyone. Are you?”
“No. Let me go and see who it is.”
Rose opened the door whiles Fitz was making his way downstairs.
“What are you doing here? I told you to meet me at the…”
“I know. But I have something to say and I want Emily to hear it too.”
“You have no right to…”
“Honey, who is it?” I asked as I came out of the bedroom.
“It’s me, Emily.”
“Adam?” I came downstairs. Fitz looked very aggravated and Adam looked like he had just gone a marathon.
“What is going on?”
“Your husband asked us to meet at his office but I wanted to come here. He wants the contract over and done with.”
“I don’t have a copy of the contract here. It is at the office; that is why I asked us to meet there.”
Adam turned to face him.
“Well, I didn’t come here to sign any document.”
“Then why are you here?”
“We all know that I knocking your wife up was doing you a big favor so it’s about time you acted like it.”
“Adam!” He looked at me.
“I figured it out. When you said, the baby was a gift to you two, I realized that his vasectomy story was a sham.”
“You told him?” Fitz asked me, shocked.
“Of course I did. I had just realized I was carrying another man’s baby. How else could I have explained it to him?”
“You don’t go round telling your one night stand your husband’s private details!”
“Don’t shout at her. Who could have imagined that a powerful man like Mr. Fitz Daniels would be the kind shooting blanks and paying off guys who knock up his wife?”
“Don’t you dare to talk to me like that!” Fitz charged towards Adam. I pushed Adam away and stood in between them.
“Everyone, calm down! We’re not going to go anywhere like this. Now listen to me Adam, the fact that you fathered this baby doesn’t give you the right to talk to my husband like that. This was my fault, no one else’s. We had our fun while it lasted but even if we could turn back the hands of time, I’d still choose Fitz.”
“Fitz is a man of his word and he will honor the business contract with you but I need you to give him his due respect. I made you commit an unforgivable sin even before you met Fitz and I’m sorry. But please don’t say anymore.” I turned to face my husband who was still glaring at Adam.
“And you are not going to make him sign anything, Fitz. It’s enough ripping Adam from his flesh and blood. He’s not going to challenge you from playing the father role. Or are you?” directing the question to Adam. He only stared at me.
“Then this settles it.” Fitz and Adam continued to lock angry gazes.
“Adam is going to have his fair share of access to the baby…”
“Wait, what? Are we having a threesome marriage or something? I don’t know why I’m even tolerating this. Some men would even have…”
“Even what, thrown her out? Why don’t you? Because I’d love to take her as mine.”
I held the sides of my head. This would have been every woman’s dream; to have two great guys fighting over her but here I was, heartbroken over it all.
“You’ve really got some balls to talk to me like that.”
“Of course I do. My balls got juice. The evidence is right in front of you. What about yours?” he said, pointing to my tummy. I short-lived his gloating moment by slapping him hard on the face. His shock was visible to all.
I had to before Fitz did and something told me if he had, Adam would be deeply hurt.
“That is gross disrespect, Adam. He is my husband and your sponsor and nothing changes that. Just leave before you say something you can’t take back.”
He rubbed his assaulted cheek and glared at Fitz.
“Just so you know, I’ll be filing for custody when the baby is born. Let’s see how your marriage can stand that,” Adam warned and walked out.
“Did you hear that? That’s what I wanted to avoid,” Fitz said.
“He doesn’t mean it. He’s just trying to get under your skin.”
“Well, he succeeded because he got into my bones and take it from me, he’s going to pay for that,” Fitz vowed and went back upstairs.
I sat down in exhaustion and rubbed my tummy. You’re not even out yet and there’s a war between your two daddies, I muttered.

Some days passed and Fitz seemed to have gotten over the confrontation with Adam. I came out of the bathroom one evening to find my phone ringing. It was an unknown number.
“Emily?” It was a female voice.
“Who wants to know?”
“It’s me, Sabrina.”
“Oh hi. I asked Adam of you some time back. Hope you’re good.”
“I will be. Have you heard from Adam today?”
“No, I haven’t. Why, what’s up?”
“I haven’t heard from Adam for three days now. At first, it would go straight to voicemail but now it’s off. Adam isn’t the kind to just go dark and even if he wants to do so, he’d let me know so I don’t get worried. But I don’t know…I have a bad feeling about this, Emily.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“We haven’t really been chatting these days so I had no idea. What do you think we should do?”
“I don’t know if it’s too early but I was considering going to the police.”
“You think he’s missing?”
“I don’t know what to think, Emily and it’s freaking me out. Three days is too long.”
“I agree. Let’s wait tonight out and if he doesn’t turn up tomorrow, then you can go and tell the police.”
“Okay; and if he happens to call you…”
“I’ll let you know immediately. Thanks for informing me, Sabrina.”
“Sure. Bye.” She ended the call.
I dialed Adam’s number but it was off. Where was he?
Well, he succeeded because he got into my bones and take it from me, he’s going to pay for that, Fitz’s words rang out in my mind. Fitz couldn’t have… I shuddered at the thought.
I quickly dressed and went downstairs where Fitz sat, listening to the news. I approached with slow, steady steps. He glanced over at me.
“Are you feeling okay?”
“Not so much. When was the last time you heard from Adam?” I couldn’t waste time beating about the bush.
“I was hoping we wouldn’t have to talk about that brute ever again.”
“That doesn’t answer my question.”
“Since the day he came here. Why?”
“His friend just called. Apparently, Adam has gone MIA for at least three days.”
“Which friend? I didn’t know you two had any shared friends.”
“You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you?”
“I’m sorry you lost me.”
“Do you know where Adam is?” Fitz chuckled.
“Excuse me? Are you accusing me of something?”
“No, it was an innocent question. Do you…?”
“No, I don’t. Besides, why would I? I’m not his bodyguard.”
“Fitz, I know this whole situation hasn’t been easy on you but if you’ve anything to do with his disappearance…”
“What would you do?” He got and walked to me. I fisted my palms so they wouldn’t tremble.
“Huh, would you report me to the police as a suspect?”
“You were here when that twit was running his mouth telling me his balls got juice and I was shooting blanks…”
“We both agree he was out of line with that statement.”
“Out of line? He insulted me, Emily!”
“Fine; what has that got to do with what I’m asking right now?”
“What it’s got to do with it is my answer that I don’t give a rat’s ass if he’s been thrown into the Atlantic Ocean.”
“He’s under your management. If he really is missing, don’t you think people would be asking you questions?”
“The PR will handle that. And so that I’m absolutely clear, I have no idea where your lover boy is,” he spat the words at me. I winced. Fitz started to walk away.
“Don’t you walk away from me, Fitz. We’re not done talking.”
“I’m done so if you’re not, you can talk to the baby. After all, it’s his, right?”
I let out a groan and managed to sit down. Keeping this baby was clearly a mistake.
Where are you, Adam? I muttered.


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