What Was I Thinking? XLIV


A million thoughts raced through my mind as my feet carried me through the corridors. What have I done? What was happening? My mind played back to the moment I felt my whole world crumbling down:
“Maybe I should head home and talk to him,” I said, attempting to get out of the bed.
“No, you shouldn’t. You need to lie down. We have a few tests to conduct to make sure you’re out of danger,” the doctor said.
“But I need to know he is okay.”
“I will; I’ll personally call his number to make sure. Give me his number.” I told him the number. He excused himself out of the ward.
“I think I should be on my way,” Adam said uneasily.
“You think?” Karen said with folded arms.
“The damage has always been done but yeah, you should go. Karen will look after me.”
He nodded and gave my hand a squeeze. He walked away. I sighed.
The doctor came in and his face had grown pale.
“What is it, doctor? Did you get in touch with him?”
“The driver picked up. Apparently, they are on their way back here.”
“Okay…but why do you look so distraught?”
“Your husband was found on the floor, passed out.”
“What happened?”
“I have no idea. I’ll let you know when he gets in. Excuse me.”
“He definitely knows. Oh God, what have I done?”

“Doctor, is he all right?”
“The primary conclusion the cardiologist has given is that your husband suffered a heart attack.”
“I don’t understand. Fitz is the healthiest man I know. He eats right and he exercises whenever he has the time. How could he have a heart attack?”
“Sometimes emotional trauma could cause it too,” the doctor replied giving me a cold stare. I swallowed.
“Is he going to be fine?”
“We’re doing everything in our power. But I have to go now,” he walked away.
“Have a seat before you pass out yourself,” Karen urged. We sat down.
“Oh my God, he knows for sure.”
“If he doesn’t, we’d have to tell him sooner than later. It is obvious that it’s the fear of him finding out that is causing you and your baby such distress.”
“He’s never going to forgive me.” I sniffed, fighting back the tears threatening to fall.
“You don’t know that.”
“He pointed a gun at me, Karen.”
“It was just a dream, Emily.”
“A dream which is playing out in reality. What am I going to do?”
“We’ll take one step at a time. Don’t worry about that now. Let’s just pray Fitz wakes up.”
“And if he doesn’t?”
“Ah well…”
We both fell silent. A well-dressed woman walked past us towards the counter and made an inquiry. I sat up when the nurse pointed to me. The lady approached us.
“Good day; you must be Fitz Daniels’ new wife.”
“I am. And who are you?” She offered her hand.
“I’m Lizzy; Lizzy Daniels.” I took it, gave it a brief shake and let go.
“A relative?” She smiled.
“His wife; sorry, his ex-wife.” I could only stare back in reply.
“So why are you here?” Karen asked.
“Some way somehow, Fitz kept me as he emergency contact. I wonder why.”
Karen and I shared a confused look.
“I’m sure he forgot to change it,” Karen replied.
“Seems so. You’re pregnant.” I gave her a puzzled look.
“Is that a question?” I retorted. I had a feeling she wasn’t likeable.
“Oh I’m sorry. I’m just shocked. I just wonder how that’s possible since it was the main reason we separated.”
“I don’t understand,” I said.
“Fitz is sterile.” Karen and I shared another look. So Adam was right after all.
She gave an aha smile. “It’s not his, is it?”
“Okay lady, it’s unfortunate that you had to come all the way here but as you can see, Fitz already has someone here to attend to him,” Karen said.
“I don’t mean to overstep but since I was called to be here, I’m going to stay till he asks me to do otherwise,” she said with a sly smile.
“Suit yourself.” She gave me another once-over.
“Amazing; we’ve been in touch but he never once mentioned you were pregnant. I wonder why.”
“I’m really not in the chit-chatting mood so if you could make yourself comfortable somewhere else, I’d appreciate it,” I said, my stare turning icy cold.
“Sure. Nice to meet you…?”
“Mrs. Daniels will do,” I replied.
“Right. I’ll sit over there.” She could go and sit on the moon for all I cared.
She walked away and I rolled my eyes.
“What the hell? After months of being married, he still kept his ex-wife’s number as his emergency contact?” Karen asked.
“It seems I wasn’t the only one leading a double life.”
“Do you even know if he changed his will after he married you?”
“Why bring up this issue again, Karen? Fitz isn’t going to die.”
“Oh it’s about time we talked about this, Em. His wife has appeared by his could-be deathbed. Who knows, she might stand to inherit everything!”
“I doubt it.”
“Well, I don’t. You are pregnant for goodness’ sake.”
“It is not even his child, Karen.”
“Exactly my point! That’s a secret Fitz should take to his grave if it comes to that.”
“Fitz isn’t going anywhere!”
“Emily, she might be just an ex-wife but the fact that they still keep in touch makes her a threat.”
“I have my own burdens right now; I’m not going to add her to the pile.”
“I’d suggest you put her on the priority list, Em. Look at the smirk on her face. She looks like she has a stake in whatever happens to Fitz.”
“And maybe she does.”
“No, she doesn’t. You’re Mrs. Daniels and you’re carrying his heir. She let him go and that’s her loss. Don’t give her the impression that she is still a part of Fitz’s life.”
“Well, it seems she always has been. Wait, are they divorced?”
“Well, she mentioned that they were…”
“Separated, yes but that doesn’t necessarily mean divorced, right?”
“If they weren’t, he wouldn’t have been able to marry you, Emily.”
“How sure are you about that?”
“You didn’t ask the right questions before you got married.”
“Uh huh…you have no idea how I regret that now.” I buried my face in my palms.

Karen and I got up when the doctor came out.
“He’s in a coma.” I touched my chest in shock.
“Is it good news or bad news?” Lizzy asked.
“Excuse me, who are you?” he asked.
“I’m Lizzy; Fitz’s ex-wife. A nurse asked me to come. I’m still his emergency contact.”
“He just forgot to update that,” Karen said.
“He will be fine; nothing out of our control.”
“When is he expected to wake up?” I asked.
“We hope sooner than later. So you sit tight; we’ll update you if anything changes.”
“Thanks, doctor.” We turned back towards our seats when Lizzy spoke up.
“You look exhausted. Why don’t you go home and take a nap? I don’t mind waiting here. Then maybe I’d leave when you get back.”
“No, thank you. Fitz is my husband and I’m not leaving his side till he wakes up.”
“All right, then.” She went to sit down.
“Okay, Fitz better wake up soon,” I said as we sat down.
“I’m with you there. The longer he stays under, the longer she lingers around. And she has already irritated me enough. Another day with her around will definitely drive me crazy,” Karen said.

Karen nudged me awake and gestured at me to look at Lizzy. She had just hugged an older looking man and pointed at me.
“Who is that man?”
“I have no idea.” They both walked towards us.
“Mrs. Daniels, I don’t think we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet,” he said, offering his hand.
“No, we haven’t.”
“Well I’m Donald Quayson, Fitz’s lawyer.” I stood.
“Okay…why are you here?”
“Well, Fitz and I were supposed to have a meeting but he didn’t show. I was worried since Fitz never bails out of a meeting without an explanation. So I had to rush here when Lizzy called to tell me the bad news.”
“Why would you call him?” I asked her. This woman was working my nerves and I wasn’t in the mood to create a scene.
“Well, Fitz is in a coma. Who knows what could happen? I thought it would be better…”
“Next time keep your thoughts to yourself, Lisa.”
“It’s Lizzy,” she corrected.
“I don’t care if you’re the misplaced twin of Queen Elizabeth but I don’t need you butting your nose into matters that no longer concern you.”
“Oh Fitz’s well-being does concern me and he has assured me that he won’t forget me in his will if he…”
“Oh really?”
“I’m sorry if this is such a big revelation to you. We should have met on much happier circumstances but it is what it is. I called Don because we two go way back,” Lizzy said.
“I bet; you calling him by the first name and all that. But you don’t intimidate me, Liz. My present condition doesn’t permit me to…”
“It’s not Fitz’s, is it?” She asked bluntly. My eyes widened at her brusqueness.
“She is Fitz’s wife and any child conceived to his knowledge is Fitz’s child,” Karen replied.
“Okay…things are getting heated here. I advise we all calm down,” Mr. Quayson.
“I will calm down if Miss Ex-Wife over here leaves this premises,” I said.
“I am not going anywhere.”
“You don’t have any business here.”
“The nurse who called me here didn’t think so.”
“Lizzy, I think we should go. You can come and see him when he wakes up,” he said.
“The voice of reason has spoken,” Karen said. Lizzy scowled.
“Is that okay?”
“Fine.” She put on a plastic smile. “It was a pleasure meeting you.”
“I wish I could say the same.”
“Have a nice day, ladies,” the lawyer said and they walked away. We both sat down and sighed.
“I can’t believe Fitz was married to such a woman.”
“Well I’m glad she’s his past,” Karen said.
“Glad? This past is invading the present and I don’t like how it redefines the future,” I said.
“Fitz better wake up today,” Karen said. It was the only prayer in my head.


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  1. Kim Sweeting says:

    Great drama building techniques😊


  2. joseyphina says:

    Thank you, Kim. 🙂


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