A Person of Influence

One of Ghana’s finest! 🙂

Influence seems to the main driving force in today’s world. One does not necessarily need to be a political leader to wield influence. A Google search for instance would reveal people from different spheres including technology, the arts, sports and entertainment. Both the young and old alike look up to such persons for inspiration and with admiration.
The picture painted by the world of an influential person is someone who sits comfortably in his seat, at the head of the table making world-changing decisions with everyone at his beck and call.

The youth of today (most of them, I presume) want to make a difference in their worlds. They want their statements to be remembered as quotes in years to come. It is a noble aspiration but one doesn’t have to be a CEO of a multinational multi-million dollar company to be tagged as influential. You don’t need to have a Wikipedia profile to be influential in your society. Many of the so-called celebrities in our century are rather infamous for the wild and loose living, multiple short-lived marriages and countless scandals.

One often ignored but relevant role an influential person should play is to serve. The impact a person has on another is greater when he is seen serving the needs of others. Sometimes, the ‘influential’ people we know and respect so much for their brilliant ideas, actually receive their ideas from people who serve them. But because they are usually behind the scenes, they don’t get to take the credit for them. But at least, they feel satisfied knowing that they are helping to build up someone’s reputation.

So if you want to be influential, you can be it without waiting to get wealthy or popular first. You just require a heart ready to serve. You don’t need thousands of followers on Twitter and likes on your Facebook page to spur you on first. Whatever it is that you can do, do it out of a diligent heart. Your reward will definitely come. A perfect example is Jesus whose life, death and resurrection have and continue to impart millions of lives around the globe. He demonstrated the need to serve by washing his disciples’ feet.

If you’re indeed influential, whose feet are you washing today?


Thanks for reading; would love to read your thoughts!

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