What Was I Thinking? XLII


“You’re fine; nothing is wrong with the baby.”
“You’re sure because usually, when you see blood it’s a sign of…”
“A miscarriage, I know; it happens sometimes although rare. You and the baby are in good condition. You do need to come back for a checkup though.”
I nodded.
“Could it be…a reaction to something?” Fitz asked the obstetrician. He gave me a nervous glance which I ignored.
“Not exactly; but it is important that she doesn’t engage in anything stressful. She’d need all the support you can offer her.”
“I’ll do that. Thanks, doctor.”
“You’re very much welcome, Mr. Daniels.” They shook hands and we got up.
“See you soon, doctor,” I said and we left his office.
Fitz attempted touching my waist but I brushed his hand aside and he got the message that I was still mad at him. When we got to the car, he opened the door for me. He offered to help me sit inside, this time I didn’t refuse but I still kept my ‘mad’ look on.

The tensed air in the car was sizzling.
“I’m sorry for what I said earlier.” I chose to ignore him.
“I don’t know for sure but if my poor choice of words caused you to react the way you did, I’m deeply sorry.” I concentrated on the fleeting things I saw outside. Fitz gave up and kept quiet. Finally.
When we arrived home, I went straight to the bathroom and soaked myself in the tub. I was relaxing away my woes when I heard familiar footsteps. I ignored him when he cleared his throat.
“How are you feeling now?”
“Much better a few seconds ago,” I replied with my eyes closed.
“Can I at least have a peaceful night to myself? We’ll deal with your security issues tomorrow. Is that okay?!” I asked, giving him one of my ‘don’t-bother-me’ glares. He nodded.
“Goodnight then.” He turned to go.
“And I’d appreciate it if you slept in the guest room tonight. Thank you!” I said and closed my eyes. I could feel the heat of his gaze on me but I could care less. I heard his departing footsteps and I smiled in content.
When I had pampered my body to my heart’s content, I got out of the tub and prepared myself some tea. I tried calling Karen’s number but she didn’t pick up. So I sent her a text which I knew would swell up her heart when she read the following morning: HE KNOWS. I dropped the phone and sighed, brushing my palms down my face.
And since the more the merrier, why not share the anxiety? I picked up my phone and sent the same text to Adam. This should ruin his day, I thought in amusement.
I was far away in dreamland when the shrill sound of my ringtone brought me back to reality. I groaned as I searched sleepily for my phone.
“Fitz knows? How come? What did he say?!” I was lost for a moment and then I remembered sending her the message. Judging from how she had rudely interrupted my sleep, I knew I had made a mistake. I sat up and yawned.
“We need to sit down and talk about this, Karen. Should we meet after your work hours?”
“Today is a holiday, remember? We can meet in a few hours.” I could hear the intense anxiety in my best friend’s voice. I felt sorry for putting her in such a state. I rubbed my eyes and stifled another yawn.
“Sure…let’s meet at our usual spot at 11. Is that okay?”
“Eleven? Am I the only one sensing the urgency of this situation? I think we should meet at nine.”
“Come on Karen; an expecting mother needs her beauty sleep.”
“What else have you been doing for months now? Get up and enter the shower now!”
“Okay…let’s meet halfway. 10 o’clock.”
“Fine by me. See you,” Karen said and hung up. I sighed and fell back on my pillow. Before I could rewind my body to the second before the phone call came, the door opened. I opened an eye to see the intruder.
“Good morning. I would have taken my shower in the guest bathroom but I have my toiletries here.”
“It’s okay; no need to explain. Just don’t sing in the shower,” I said as I turned on my side and tried to sleep,
“Good morning to you too,” Fitz said in a failed attempt at a whisper and entered the bathroom.
I was reading the commentary of the day on the Our Daily Bread app of my phone when Fitz came out of the bathroom. He quietly dressed up and then walked to me. I lifted my head when I felt his shadow upon me.
“Could you button up my wrists?” I put my phone down and did them.
“Thank you.”
He checked himself in the mirror and turned to face me.
“Again, I want to apologize for…”
“Let it go, Fitz. It wasn’t your fault. And I’m feeling better so don’t worry about me.”
“Okay.” He kissed me on the forehead.
“I’ll see you in the evening.” When he got to the door, I asked, “So when should I expect Adam here for the million-dollar question?” He glanced at me without saying anything and walked out. I rolled my eyes and they landed on my phone.
Oh man, I’ve not even started my day and I’ve already sinned. Father forgive me, I prayed and took my phone to continue my reading.

Adam paused in front of Fitz’s office door. He exhaled anxiously. His phone beeped.
Thank God, finally, his network was working. He looked at the screen. A message from Emily. He opened it: HE KNOWS. His heart sunk. His throat suddenly felt dry. He licked his lower lip anxiously.
“You may go in,” the secretary said. He nodded and entered the office.
“Good day, Mr. Daniels.”
“Good day, Adam. Have a seat.” He sat.

“I think this is God punishing me,” I said regrettably.
“Why do you say that?” Karen asked, slurping her cocktail.
“How else do I explain this? It wasn’t as if I had a slip of tongue and said damaging. He had a dream, Karen! A dream! He found out about Adam and I in a dream. Who else could do this if not Him? And I invited him to church and the preacher spoke of honesty between couples which gave him more ground to question me. For once, I thought I had done something right by taking Fitz to church with me. Little did I know that it was all part of God’s big plan to expose me. I can’t believe God used me to expose me. How ironic is that?”
“So what did Fitz say?”
“He threatened to confront Adam about it.”
“Oh wow…what did you say?”
“What could I possibly say? But there was a divine intervention which saved me.”
“Divine, huh?”
“Yeah, God realized that if He didn’t do something, I would be doomed.”
“We thank God for His intervention then. Have you given Adams a heads up?”
“I sent him a text last night but I haven’t heard from him. I’m shocked because I was expecting an anxious call from him this morning too.”
“Tell him to meet us here,” Karen said. I sent him a text.

Adam’s phone beeped. He stole a glance at the screen. It was Emily. He looked up back at Fitz who was watching him coolly.
“I’m sorry for the interruption,” he apologized. Fitz gave him a knowing smile.
“Your girlfriend?”
“Bernice, right? Send her my regards.”
“Will do that.”
“Okay, I think that will be all for now.”
“Yes sir; then I’ll be on my way.” He got up.
“You know how much I admire your talent Adam and how I’ve opened the doors to my home to you.” Adam swallowed. This was it.
“Yes sir.”
“I don’t mind sharing everything I have with you. I know I asked you to be friends with my wife and I appreciate how close you two have become. But I also trust you not to cross the line. I hope you understand what I mean.”
“Yes sir; I’ll never do anything inappropriate with Emily.”
“Good. And if something mistakenly has happened already, you’d let me know, right?” Adam hesitated.
“Honestly, I wouldn’t want to come between you and your wife.”
“Are you implying you’d keep any act of indiscretion from me?”
“No, not necessarily. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t even allow it in the first place.”
Fitz stared at him for a moment but to Adam, it seemed like forever. His eyes seemed to stare into his very soul.
“I believe you. Have a nice day, Adam.”
“You too, sir.” He scurried out of the office. He sighed deeply after he had closed the door behind him. He read the message from Emily. What did he do to her, he thought worriedly as he walked out of the premises.
“So what was this divine intervention exactly?” Adam asked.
“I was bleeding.”
“What?” both Karen and Adam shouted so loud that I winced.
“Why didn’t you tell me when we started talking?” Karen asked.
“I didn’t want to have a double session of the screaming part. But the doctor said I’m fine so you can all chill.”
“You started to bleed just when Fitz began questioning you? That’s serious.”
“I’m fine; please don’t make a big deal out of it. If it hadn’t happened, Adam would have been summoned to the house last night and who knows how that would have turned out?”
“So right now that he suspects, what do we do?”
“Keep a low profile. Act normal. I think he’s freaking out because I’d be giving birth soon and he has no idea who the baby would look like. “
“Well, that could be a problem because my genes are kind of strong,” Adam said.
“What do you mean by strong?” I asked.
“My features could be pretty dominant.”
“As in ‘plainly-obvious-that-the-baby-is-yours’ dominant?” I asked.
“Well, I am told I was the perfect replica of my dad at birth.”
“Well, let’s just hope it’s a girl then. Maybe she’ll look more like me.”
“Wishful thinking. Why bother about things that are out of our control when there are other things that we can manage?” Karen asked.
“Like what?”
“How about coming clean to Fitz?” I stared at her as if she had just gone mad.
“What? That’s certainly not an option!” I cried out hysterically.
“Why not? Fitz has proven himself to be a reasonable guy. Who knows, he might be glad.”
“Oh no, that ship has sailed. I blatantly denied that in his face yesterday.”
“Yeah, I told him today I had never and won’t ever cross any line with his wife,” Adam added.
“Can you imagine how silly we’d look if we suddenly confessed?”
“I think Fitz is giving you enough time and space to make up your mind. Remember when he left town expecting you to terminate the pregnancy?”
“I can’t. My plan is perfect. If we all play our part well, this will blow over and we’ll be fine,” I said adamantly.
“I’m ready to confess though,” Adam said.
“Well, I’m not and I better not hear that again. This talk is getting me exhausted.”
“Your husband mentioned about getting your papers ready. You’d get all the rest you want,” Adam said.
“He said that? I told him I didn’t want to go. I want to finish my schooling without any pauses.”
“You’re not going to defer?” Karen asked.
“No, I’m not. I’ll be fine. He wants to send me away.”
“If that’s going to save your marriage in the end, then it’s great.” I glared at her.
“We stick to the plan. That’s the only option for me.”


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