To Be Found

“He who finds a wife, finds a good thing…” Proverbs 31:10

This means it takes one to find, and it takes another to be found. The seeker knows what he’s looking for; he just has to know where to look. But for the one, waiting and hoping to be found, all she has to do to prepare herself to be worth finding in the eyes of the seeker.

What is the seeker looking for? Stunning, jaw dropping, instant arousing beauty is all you have to offer? He has seen them all; in the clubs, at the malls, movies and award shows and even in churches. Beneath the perfect makeup, push up bras, designer clothes, trending hairdo with its corresponding manicure and pedicure as accessories, what would he find?

Would he find a woman worth taking home as his own or just a companion for a night or two at a hotel room? (Some don’t even make it to the room these days). And for the goody-two shoes, would he have to find out that behind the innocent face is an insecurity syndrome so strong that she clings to him as if he were a lifeline?

The seeker isn’t looking for someone to fulfill his fantasies; he is grown and matured to know that fantasies fade so he wants more in a woman than just that. Neither is he looking for someone he can live with as long as it’s convenient and comfortable enough. Roommates can easily fill the slot. And even a baby knows life is not an all-comfortable ride; there would be bumps along the way. Thus, he needs someone who will stick and stay through it all. He therefore needs a help-meet; someone he cannot live without.

So to be found, she would have to be a wife. But one would say one only becomes a wife when she gets married. But the Good Book says he finds a good thing when he finds a wife. So to be found, a lady must be a wife.
Being selfless is a trait that must come easily to her. Nurturing care is said to come naturally to women but some cases make me doubt how true that is since some women can wilfully neglect their families for their own selfish reasons. No one can fully love another if he/she hasn’t experienced love in from the source itself.

The seeker isn’t looking for just a trophy wife to show off to friends; a lot of women have posed as arm candies for that; he is looking for someone to stand beside and behind him whenever he needs her to in up and down times.

So dear ladies, are you findable? Or would he just pass you by because he couldn’t recognize you as a good thing? Like a jewel hidden in its ore, it would have to take the eyes of an expert to be able to distinguish it from mere gravel. But if you carry yourself about like you’re not worth taking home, don’t expect anyone to.
Be beautiful at heart, astounding in character and decent in appearance. There’s a limit to what you can do as a human being; but to be the one for someone, ask God to prepare you as a suitable match for your better half. So that by the time God is done working on you, he’d find you ready for him.

Work on getting yourself found.


Thanks for reading; would love to read your thoughts!

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