What Was I Thinking? XXXIV


I watched in amusement as Adam ate his dinner with such ferocity. He was raging mad, I could feel it and he didn’t have anything to displace his rage on but his poor meal which was hardly chewed before it was swallowed Fitz seemed impressed, mistaking his displacement to be a hefty appetite.
“I’m glad to see you eat this well, Adam. It tells me you’re comfortable around us,” Fitz commented. He grunted in reply and gave a curt nod. Oh, he was pissed. His new works were being played in the background and they sounded nice. It called for a cozy atmosphere except that its composer was all but relaxed. If only I could calm him down.
When we had all finished, I got to clear the table as the two men chatted. I heard Fitz’s phone ring and he pulling back his chair. I turned away from the sink and my eyes met Adam’s. He handed the glasses to me. I put them in the sink. I leaned against it and sighed.
“Adam, I’m sorry for not telling you…”
“Are you, really? Because it seemed you were gloating back there.”
“Come on Adam, what would you have me do? I’m supposed to play the proud mother-to-be, pretending that we are expecting our baby.”
“Well, you deserve an Oscar for that performance.”
“I’m sorry if I hurt you but I told you that…”
“I won’t let you hand over my baby to Mr. Daniels, Emily,” Adam said firmly.
“A little too late for that, don’t you think?” I asked, crossing my arms. He made slow steps towards me.
“I could just tell him.”
“Tell him what? The truth?” I laughed. “Okay, let’s try it out. Mr. Daniels, I’m sorry to tell you that the baby your wife is expecting which you very well know isn’t yours, belongs to me. So I think you should be congratulating me for knocking up your wife. Sounds good?” I asked mockingly.
“This isn’t funny, Em! The joke is on you, not me.”
“I know. I am doing you a favour here, Adam. You get to have your child raised by a prominent man like Fitz Daniels.”
“You’re doing this to save your marriage.”
“Which is a typical example of a win-win! Why are you making such a big fuss about this?”
“You know, I can think of several ways to make your life miserable with this baby drama but I love you so much to hurt you, Emily,” Adam said.
“And I appreciate that. Consider this as your gift to me as a constant reminder of how much you love me. I promise to make you a part of the child’s life.”
“As what, a celebrity who is a family friend?”
“Even better; you could very well be the godfather. We both know how much Fitz likes you; he definitely wouldn’t mind that.”
“Knowing that I will become a father and yet won’t get to be called daddy is too much of a loss to me to take.” Oh what a sentimental guy had I gotten in bed with?
“I can’t do that, Emily. I’m sorry but I have to tell him.”
“Tell me what?” Fitz’s voice rang out behind Adam. Adam froze for a second before turning around to face him.
“I supposed I was the one you were referring to when you said you have to tell him or was I wrong?” Fitz asked, looking at me.
“No, you weren’t, Fitz. Adam actually has something to say to you.” Adam glanced at me and back at Fitz.
“About what?” Fitz asked, his tone getting serious.
“Well…”Adam started.
“About our baby,” I replied. I was treading on dangerous waters but I wanted him to know it was futile to threaten me.
“Oh really? What is it, Adam?”
“Um…it was nothing serious, sir. It was just a silly thought I said out loud.”
“Say it anyway,” Fitz urged. Oh I’m loving this, I thought amusingly.
Adam chuckled nervously. “I was just suggesting to your wife to name the child Adam if it were to be a boy.” What?!
“And I was telling him how silly that was. I know we haven’t had the chance to talk about baby names yet but it would be much more appropriate to name the child after your father or after yourself,” I interjected quickly. Fitz smiled.
“That’s a nice thought, Adam. I would definitely consider it.” Huh?
Adam turned to glance at me and I could see the smirk in his eyes. I inhaled deeply. The joke was on me now and he knew it.
“We’ll talk about that, Fitz.”
“I miss that tone of yours, wife. So enticing,” Fitz teased. Adam cleared his throat.
I must be a genius to have both my husband and accidental lover in the same room and still remain calm and even comfortable. I smiled proudly to myself.
“Why don’t you two go ahead to the parlour whiles I finish up here?” I suggested.
“Good idea. Come on, Adam…”
“I wouldn’t mind helping out with the dishes,” Adam said. I cast a sharp glance his way. What was he playing at? I feigned a smile.
“Oh that’s so sweet of you, Adam but you’re our guest so let’s treat you as one.”
“But I don’t feel like a guest anymore. I actually feel like I’m family now,” he said with calm confidence which irritated me. He was overstepping and he knew it.
“That’s great to hear, Adam. That’s exactly what I wish us to be…like a family.”
“We will soon be,” he said with a quick glance at my tummy. I fisted the napkin in my hand. Who the hell did he think he was?
Fitz laughed and tapped Adam on the shoulder.
“She’s right. You’re a guest. I want us to talk to you about your new songs.” Adam gave me one last meaningful glance before following Fitz out of the kitchen. I threw the napkin in frustration. This was all Karen’s fault. If only she hadn’t told him about his role in making this baby, I wouldn’t be in this dilemma now.
I was almost done with the dishes when Fitz called out for me. I wiped my hands dry with a napkin and stepped out of the kitchen.
“Adam is leaving. Any last words?”
“Oh okay…thanks for having dinner with us.”
“It’s always a pleasure, Mrs. Daniels. Thanks for having me and making me feel comfortable in your home.”
“This is your home too, Adam,” Fitz said. It was?
I saw his face suddenly light up as if he had just remembered something.
“So what happened with your friend’s situation?” Adam asked Fitz. I looked at Fitz curiously. Fitz glanced at me and cleared his throat in a funny way.
“You know, the one you mentioned about his wife conceiving with another unknown man.” I glanced at Fitz, demanding answers. What was Adam talking about?
“Well, I believe he went back for the wife. He loved her too much to let her go.”
“With the speculation that she might be lying?”
“Marriage is for better for worse, Adam. He knows better to throw away his vows just because he’s experiencing the ‘worse’ part,” Fitz replied.
“Your wife is indeed a lucky woman. Not every man would look at a possibly unfaithful wife twice,” Adam said, glancing at me. I swallowed. Were they talking about me?
“I’ll take my leave now.” Adam took my hand and shook it. He placed a soft kiss on the back of my hand, his eyes glued to mine the whole time.
“Have a good night, Adam,” I said weakly. He shook hands with Fitz too.
“Goodbye.” The door closed behind him. I turned to face Fitz. The look in his eyes said it all. He told Adam about the baby not being his. How could he?
“Honey, I’m sorry…”
“Save it!” I snapped and walked out of the room.


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  1. This is getting more intriguing. What will happen next? 🙂


    1. joseyphina says:

      You’ll soon find out. 🙂


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