Your Week: Recycled or Working Progress?

Sunday-the first day of the week. Excited because it feels like having a fresh start. Again. I go to church with an open and expectant heart, believing to encounter God in a special way. I accept the Word wholeheartedly and promise to abide by it and apply it in my life during the week. My heart feels light and is filled with joy throughout the day. Maybe it’s because I emptied all my worries onto God in church and I confessed my wrongdoings and it feels great. As I retire to bed at night, I pray to God for strength to lead a life pleasing to Him throughout the week.

Monday-the first work day of the week. I wake up in a haste and all that is on my mind is to hurry up so I don’t get to work late. I remember to have my quiet time and do so accordingly. Since the time seems to be running against me, I decide to pray alongside doing my morning chores. I hum to my latest favorite Christian song as I go to work. The day goes by peacefully and my mood is cheerful throughout. I go to bed satisfied at heart and I thank God for a good day.

Tuesday-I wake up thankful for another day. I read about tolerance during my quiet time and I pray to God to help me exhibit it. On my way to the bus station, I greet a woman who has been watching me from a distance away but she ignores it. I decide not to let her ruin my day. Just before my day could start at the office, a colleague passes a silly comment and I am almost moved to react but I check myself. Tolerance. I let it go. Soon, I forget about it and I feel better about myself. I thank God for His control and ask for more grace.

Wednesday-getting up later than usual, I rush through my quiet time, my eyes racing through the lines verse by verse and I skim through the commentary. I mutter a prayer in haste and get ready in a fast-forward manner. Feeling guilty about rushing through my morning appointment with God, I open the Our Daily Bread app on my phone and take my time to read. I use the app during emergency times like these. Work today is extra hectic and my energy is nearly depleted. I doze off intermittently on my way home and I finally arrive home. I start saying my prayer as I get to bed but I find myself sleeping before my head touching the pillow.

Thursday-the week now feels stale and dragging slow. I can’t wait for the weekend. Work is on a total frenzy and my boss is extra demanding today-wishing me to be his hands and legs for the day. How long will I have to endure this, I ask myself.

Friday-I open up my devotional and find out I missed yesterday’s. No wonder I didn’t feel totally myself. I decide to make up for both yesterday and today. Traffic is unusual and I get to work a little late. My boss is quick to point that out and I apologize but my mind spew out mean thoughts about her. When there is not much to do, I tune in to the radio and listen to what is going on. My colleague tells me something personal about my boss. Though my ears are itching to hear more, I feel uncomfortable. How would I feel if I happened to overhear someone using an unfortunate incident in my life as a topic of conversation with another? I pretend to be suddenly preoccupied with something so she wouldn’t go on with her gossip. Thankfully, she stops. I silently pray to God asking for forgiveness for cultivating mean thoughts about my boss and ask for strength to tolerate her demanding attitude.

Saturday-finally the day arrives when I can get up at the time I really want. I thank God for taking me through the week, for my going out and coming in and keeping me safe and healthy. Grateful mood activated.

Sunday-another week begins! On my way to church, I reflect on how my week went and I evaluate how much I prioritized God in my daily routine. I realize I have fallen short and I pray for forgiveness. I make the resolution to do better this week. I enter the church and I sing and worship my heart out. There’s another great message and deep within me, I know it’s going to be an amazing week but then Monday comes again and it seems the cycle starts all over!

I don’t know how your week goes-whether it’s like living the same way each day; the only difference is that the dates are not the same; or you feel yourself growing or becoming a better person-the person God wants you to be. This journey of life is not easy but if we would accept that we can’t do it all on our own and rely on God’s strength and guidance, we would be living testimonies of His grace.

Wishing you all an amazing, joyous and blessed week. Remember God loves you and remind a friend that He loves him/her as well.


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  1. Enoch Anti says:

    The daily routines of life can get boring sometimes. I love this “This journey of life is not easy but if we would accept that we can’t do it all on our own and rely on God’s strength and guidance, we would be living testimonies of His grace.”

    Bless you!


    1. joseyphina says:

      Indeed, life gets boring when everything becomes routine. But with God on our side, we can live each day growing and becoming better people in God. Thanks for passing by, Enoch. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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