What Was I Thinking? XXXI


Adam’s phone rang. He stared at it.
“What’s wrong?” Karen asked.
“It’s Mr. Daniels.”
“So answer it. Who knows what he’s going to tell you?” I said. He hesitated for a minute before answering it.
“Mr. Daniels. Always a pleasure to hear from you.”
Karen and I glanced at each other and burst into laughter. A glare from Adam made us to swallow the rest.
“Yes sir; having been at the studio all week. I have been there in the morning but I decided to come out for a little fresh air.” He listened keenly.
“Dinner?” He looked at me.
“Um…sure; would love that. Thanks, Mr. Daniels. See you soon, bye.” He ended the call.
“He wants to have dinner? Is it me or Fitz seems to have a crush on Adam?” Karen said amidst chuckles.
“I once told Fitz that.”
“You did? Why would you say that?” Adam asked, looking aghast.
“Because he was thinking of inviting you and your inspiration of a lady to dinner. He just wanted to meet the woman who was driving Adam to write such great songs.”
“Seriously?” Adam asked.
“Yeah, it does seem your sponsor has a man-crush on you, Adam,” I said.
“So what, I should decline his invitation?”
“Oh no! He already knows we used to meet up when he left town. We don’t want to arouse any suspicions, do we now?” I asked.
“Why, because it would mess up your brilliant plan on making him the father of my child?”
“Well it will and you better get on board, mister.” He got up.
“I’ll be on my way.” Karen and I got up.
“So are we cool?” I asked apprehensively.
“Give me time to think it over.” I glanced at Karen.
“Give you time? What is there to think over? This is a…”
“Brilliant plan, yeah I heard you. What if it backfires? Have you stopped to consider that? What if he never comes back for you? Do I still get to neglect my responsibility?”
“Listen, I do understand that you want to do right by me but I’m trying to save your career.”
“And I’m asking you not to! Careers start and end all the time but blood runs forever. I am not going to turn my back on my first child because of a temporary career. So when I say give me time to think it over, at least grant me that. I’ll see you around,” he said and walked out.
Karen and I shared a worried look.
“Is he serious?” I asked her.
“He has earned my respect, Emily.”
“Hey…whose side are you on?”
“But he did ask a valid question though. What happens if Fitz doesn’t come back for you? Will you take care of it all by yourself?”
“Oh no. You’ll take care of it. You stopped me from terminating it, remember? Now, it’s here to stay so you’ll take care of it. And when you and James get married, you’ll adopt it.”
Karen laughed out loud. I glared at her.
“I am serious, Karen so you better start praying that this plan of mine works out or else, we’ll be mothering this child together.” I threw myself on the bed and sighed. Karen kept on laughing. She sat down beside me.
“You do realize you’re…we are caught between the devil and deep blue sea here, right?”
“Your recommendation?”
“Come back to God.” I chuckled.
“You know God and I have been estranged for some time now. I’m sure thunder will roar on the day I step into a church.”
“Heaven will rejoice because her prodigal daughter has come back home. Only God can help us out of this one. No human manipulation will give us a clean way out of this one.”
“Your point?”
“Come to church with me?” Karen asked in a pleading tone.
“Well, I’m stuck here with you now. Do I really have a choice not to?”
“Yay!” Karen said excitedly.
“I know we two are quite different in temperament and all but is it that obvious?”
“Why do you ask?”
“Fitz said we two were like night and day.” Karen laughed.
“Do I need to ask who night is?” I took a pillow and hit her with it. She laughed.

Adam rang the doorbell and sighed. He wished Emily was joining them. Having her present did have its awkward moments but it definitely was preferable to her absence at the dinner knowing he was caught in the middle of it all. He was sweating of anxiety. The door opened and a woman in uniform opened the door.
“Hello, good evening. Is Mr. Daniels at home?” Adam asked politely.
“Yes please. You must be Adam.”
“I am.”
“He is expecting you. Please come in.” He entered and she closed the door behind him.
“This way, please.” She led him to the living room where Fitz sat, reading the Daily Graphic.
He looked up when they entered.
“Hey, Adam. Good to see you,” he said, putting the paper down and getting up. They shook hands.
“Thank you, sir.”
“Let’s head to the table, shall we?” They walked to the dining room and they sat.
“Please come and serve us,” Fitz told the young woman.
“Yes sir.”
“Um…where is your wife? Isn’t she going to join us?” Adam asked.
“Unfortunately, no. Her examinations are coming up and she needs a studying partner so she’s crashing with her best friend till her exams are over.”
“Oh I see; must be lonely around here,” Adam said, looking around.
“Yeah; I get by.”
“I imagine you praying that the days passing by quickly so she could return,” Adam said curiously. Fitz gave him a sharp glance. He took the glass filled with water and quickly gulped it down. He was treading on dangerous waters and he knew it.
“You two are getting close, right? She must have told you of her coming exams,” Fitz asked.
Where was he going with this?
“No, she didn’t. We haven’t really communicated for a while now; perhaps that is why I was so expectant of her presence today.”
They began eating. Fitz inquired of Adam’s progress at the studio and he gave him a thorough update. After some minutes of silence, Fitz spoke up.
“I know you’re younger but I need your take on a certain issue.”
“Sure; shoot.”
“A friend of mine has some issues with his wife and is concerned.”
Yeah, right. A friend of yours, Adam thought derisively.
“He recently found out the wife is pregnant and he isn’t responsible. I know what most men would do in such a situation would be turning her over to the man responsible and be done with her. But in this case, there is no father.”
“No father, how?”
“She was taken advantage of at some party. And he loves his wife very much. If she is telling the truth, isn’t it the husband’s responsibility to stand by her and take the child as his own so they can remain a happy united family?” Fitz asked.
“And how do you know for sure that there’s no father?” Adam asked.
“How do you mean?”
“We both know that women lie, Mr. Daniels. What if she was lying about the party and that she is having an affair with someone else?”
“Then I don’t see the point lying about it.”
“Perhaps it is her plan to make you feel sorry for her so he can forgive her wrongdoing and accept the child as his own. If this is the case, how would he feel if he finds out that she was just taking him for a fool not once but twice?” Adam asked.
“Hmm…Good point. I haven’t even thought about it from that perspective. Makes a lot of sense.”
“Women of this age are smart, Mr. Daniels. You just have to be smarter.”
“And you’re very smart, Adam. Thanks for that. I’ll definitely relay your point of view to my friend.”
“You should,” Adam said with a coy smile as he sipped his water.
Let’s see how you wind yourself out of your own trap, Em, Adam thought to himself.


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