Life Equations


A discussion on radio about people taking all their problems to God instead to the ‘appropriate’ centres caught my attention. Apparently, most people take all the issues to God regardless of the nature of their situations. According to the host, people should be discerning enough to know what to take to God and what to consult with the man-made systems.

Ever wondered why some people have chosen to live as atheists? Because they believe they don’t need God to steer the affairs of their lives. Why, because there is a man-made system which sees to every human need: a hospital for health issues, the court for appeal for justice, the school for knowledge, the bank for safekeeping. The world seems to have a system for everything. And since man wants to only accept what he can see and prove as real and valid, why bother believing in a God you can’t even see to help you with human problems with human solutions available?

Someone would ask, why run to church about fertility issues when there are specialized centres for that? Why attend all-night church services in order to pass an exam or get a promotion at work when you could spend the time studying or working diligently to achieve the desired results?
A school of thought believes people should be discerning enough to know what issues to take to church and what to deal with on our own. But my counter argument would be what issues look like God-recommended and which others look like mundane stuff? As I heard someone ask, why go to a church for healing when you can see a qualified doctor for a cure?

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I think it all boils down to one’s priorities and how one sees God in his life. If you’re the type who puts God first in all things no matter how trivial it may sound, then prayer would be your first action in every circumstance. But if you’re kind who is of the notion that, do your human best in every situation and when all options have been exhausted and there is still no breakthrough, turn it to God in prayer, then you would act accordingly.

I don’t think there’s anything is too insignificant; neither too big to talk to God about. But God also gave us hands to work with and mind to think with. As a pastor put it, without us God won’t and without God, we can’t. Whatever God has made available is for us to enjoy and without God’s help, we can’t achieve anything. Hence science is just discovering this amazing creation of God we call the universe and technology is tapping into the God-given brain to apply what God has given us as nature to make life easier.

I find nothing wrong praying to God to help me with my exams because after all, He’s the giver of grace; but believing that He will not excuse me from studying. But the fact that there is a doctor trained to treat diseases doesn’t mean he should be the first person I see when I feel unwell. I am God’s creation; He made me and only He can cure me without side complications. So I can decide to pray and ask for healing; at other times, I’d combine the prayer of faith with medication.

Maybe I should just end with this: knowing God isn’t about rigorously following some laid down rules and regulations. It is a relationship and thus, how well you know him will determine you relate to him with life’s issues.
Food for thought: take your life as an equation. Is God a constant or a variable?
My personal recommendation is this: no matter your heart desire, make God your first consultant not your last resort.


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  1. Kim Sweeting says:

    Amen….I believe in consulting God first about everything.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      That is the way to go although rational thinking would try to convince us to do otherwise.


  2. Gyslaine L. says:

    God is in me 🙂


  3. It’s best to believe God to the death. He’s worth our trust


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