Shrink Time!


We wanted to spend forever with each other, they would begin;

But as they say, nothing lasts forever;

In the beginning the love blossomed with each passing day;

But as the bliss began to fade, so did the love;

Life and work got in the way and we soon lost the thrill of each other’s company;

With every sunrise and sunset, the ups and downs of life took its toll on us;

Until we lived like strangers under the same roof;


So what happened to the promises you made to each other at the altar, I’d ask;

In the beginning, they were a lifeline to our marriage;

But before long, they became empty words, a distant memory;

Framed and hanged on the wall of the bedroom;

It later sounded like words of a citation, written by a third person;

Perhaps we were too enthusiastic about it all;

But when reality set in, we realized it we were living a fantasy.



We loved each other but with time we grew apart, they would often say;

Absence of one didn’t make our hearts grow fonder but rather colder;

The lesser we saw each other, we lesser we cared;

But because we held the framed promises sacred;

We dared not voice it out; the fear of the inevitable was safer in our thoughts;

But when time spent with others outsiders was valued much more

Than each other’s company in our home, we knew we had come to the end of the road;


So when you promised forever and always to each other, did you envision its end?

Not at all; I believed we would go the whole nine whole yards, one replied;

Well, I always had that possibility in mind so we made precautionary arrangements, the other admitted;

The shock and utter disbelief on the other’s face couldn’t even be concealed from the blind;

Come on, let’s be practical, the spouse said defensively;

Things change and people change and we are no exception;

It hurts to hear the truth but it must be told, it was added;

I’ll always love you but as a couple, we both know we’re done.


So why are you here, to get the go-ahead to sever ties or work things out?

The latter, the hopeful one replied quickly;

Why cry over spilt milk when you can get over it and move on, the other countered;

We’re not spilt yet! I really want us to work;

Don’t you think we deserve another chance?

So the question was if the love they had felt was strong enough for a second chance;

One wanted in, the other wanted out; what to do, what to do?


Photo credits to Google Images.

It all starts with taking a stand to make things work;

As it takes two to get married, it also takes two to stay married;

But marriage is about two becoming one in body, soul and spirit;

So hold hands and pray as one;

Don’t live as if your love has a deadline;

It might fade, might grow cold but it can also be rekindled.

So go home with this new mindset and we’ll meet next time for review.


As they got up and walked out, hand in hand;

A smile crept up my face;

Hope was a beautiful thing;

Even life’s heaviest storms are powerless;

Against two people who stand as one;

And don’t stand a chance when their hope is in God.

Till death do us part is the end of the road, all other things are road bumps.




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