What Was I Thinking? XVII


“Wow…it seems Adam’s new single is really making waves. Everyone’s talking about it,” Karen said, scrolling down her Smartphone.

“I’m not surprised; it’s a lovely track,” I replied, meticulously painting my toenails.

“And besides, it is for me so it has to be lovely. I’m lovely,” I added.

Karen rolled her eyes.

“I’m inspirational. Thoughts of me could write award-winning records. You should value me more, Karen. I’m a gold mine,” I said proudly.

“Oh please, he could be talking about more than one girl he has met in his life. If it was really about you, he should have been bold enough to mention your name at least once.”
“He wanted to protect my identity, for crying out loud, Karen! You do have an innate ability to ruin good moments, don’t you? You couldn’t stand to have me swim in joy for just a minute, could you?”
“Nope.” I shook my head.
“Can you believe Fitz is crazy about Adam too? I found it fascinating at first but now, it’s just creepy.”
“Why, because an older guy likes a song about young blossoming love?”
“Not that; it’s becoming some sort of obsession. He really wants to meet him and that doesn’t augur well for me at all.”

“Oh really? Then you have a time bomb on your hands.”

“I know, right? I must find a way to take his mind off him.”

“I thought you were an expert in distracting people with your lovely self. What happened?” She asked teasingly.

“I guess everything has its limits. And don’t think I can’t make out that sarcastic tone in your voice.”
“So all it took to bring your reign to an end was a cute guy with a smooth voice and skilful fingers?”
“Stop it! Come to think of it, Adam does have skilful fingers,” I said dreamily.

Karen threw a curious glance at me.

“I was referring to his talent of playing the guitar. What were you referring to?”

I blinked blankly. “That was what I was also referring to,” I quickly responded.
“No, it wasn’t. Em, what have you two…?”
“Oh no! How could you even think that?” I asked with a look of disgust plastered on my face.

“Well, considering your history, which I would say is hopelessly reckless, I wouldn’t be surprised.”
“Well, I’m disappointed you don’t trust me. Once bitten, twice shy, right?”
“In all honesty, I don’t think that applies to you.”

Ouch. She couldn’t have said it any better. Was I such a hopeless case?

I was playing Temple Run 2 on my phone when Fitz joined me in bed. He sighed heavily.

“Tough day?” I asked, my eyes glued to my phone.

“Understatement, my dear. Is it me or were the hours running terribly slow today?”

I chuckled, my fingers swiping up the screen, “I’m sorry honey; I’m sure it’s just you.”

“You know what, I’ve been thinking of doing an investment.”
“Oh yeah, in what?”

“Talent promotion.”
“Sounds interesting…like an agency?”
“No…like in an individual.”
“Okay…anyone in mind?”
“Yeah, that young guy we watched the other night…Adam.”
My heart missed a beat making my fingers numb for a second such that I missed a jump and lost the game. I stared at my phone in unbelief-not sure if it was that of losing the game after coming that far or it was because he had just mentioned my forbidden fruit. I dropped the phone in despair.

“What do you think, Emily?” At least, he was asking for my opinion.

“What do you mean by investment, exactly?” I asked, my mind racing to put together how this would complicate my life.

“You know, sponsor his career. I’ve a good eye on business, Em and my instincts tell me investing in him would be very lucrative.”
“So this is just about the money?”

“Not just that; I want to be part of his success story. I know he’ll be a big name soon. I’d like to help him get there.” Oh no. How do I tune his mind away from this idea without sounding like an ignorant, short-sighted, immature partner?”

“And how do you plan on meeting him?” I knew I had made a mistake asking that.

“Oh, that wouldn’t be a problem. I think some contact information is printed on the cover of the single I got at the show. Besides, I’m a businessman. Finding people is no problem.”
I swallowed.
“Okay…so how far would your relationship with him go? Just sponsor his career financially?”
“Well, I hope to go beyond that.”
“Sounds brilliant, Fitz; but you know these upcoming artistes look all-promising but when they hit the peak, they start misbehaving. They begin to disrespect their management teams and sponsors. Why not invest in something more definite? Stocks, for example. They don’t bite the hands that feed them,” I said. Fitz laughed at my last statement.

“You are interesting, sweetheart. But I’ve invested in stocks long enough to know that things can go awry when you least expect it. I want to create an impact in someone’s life.”

“Then establish a foundation or something. There are a lot of causes you can pump your money into which could be worth your while, you know.”

“You seem pretty adamant about your stance on this. I thought you liked his song as well.”
“I did…I do. But there’s a clear distinction between the song and the artiste. I’m on campus, we hear of their lifestyles all the time. Trust me, they can be a handful.”
Fitz was quiet for a while. With each rapid heartbeat, I hope my words were sinking in and that he would back off.

“Good reasoning. I will think about it. Anyway, goodnight, honey.” He kissed me on the forehead.

“Goodnight, dear.” I knew I should be ashamed of being an obstacle in Adam’s chance of career progress but I had to protect my interests first and if that meant depriving him of Fitz’s support, then so be it.




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