More to Life


If the only wealth you own is the money and the other material gain you’ve acquired, you are the poorest man on earth;

If the only beauty attributed to you is the physical attraction of your body, you are the ugliest person alive;

If the only knowledge you have is the one acquired from intellectual textbooks, you are the most ignorant one around;

If the only security you have comprises the insurance policies, alarm systems and financial investments, you are the most unsafe human to ever exist;

And if the only thing you call real refers to the things you can see, you may as well be the blindest person in life;

There is more to life than what the eyes can see, what the ears get to hear and what the mind can comprehend.

Science may seem to have logical answers to the mysteries of this intricately woven universe but the truth is the puzzle will never be complete without including the God and Creator of the universe. Facts are stated by man but the truth can only be found in God.

Only He can sustain you and everything that concerns you beyond the means the world prescribes;

Even if some accident scarred or maimed you, He still makes you beautiful in His own unique way such that others would acknowledge it;

Knowledge in its vast quantity is useless without wisdom and one can only acquire wisdom when he fears God;

Unlike insurance policies, God’s grace and mercies never expire; they never run out of supply.

Why settle for such a limited unfulfilled life when you can have it all, in this life and after? There’s more to life than what you’re living; just as there’s more to this world than what meets the eye. I know who I’ve believed in and no one can convince me otherwise.




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  1. I loved this post Joseyphina. Absolutely the truth. Wisdom is God granted through abiding in Christ. God has allowed science to understand only a little of His glorious powers. Thanks for spreading the News my sister.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      And God bless you for passing by, Walter. May we continue to do the work entrusted to us. 🙂


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