Baggage Claim

Different sizes with different tags...

Everyone present this day has a past; with skeletons trapped in closets, praying and struggling to keep them there. Everyone no matter how carefree they seem or perfect their lives appear, has dealt with some issues before. Who knows, perhaps behind that cute, broad smile, he/she could still be battling with them.

Life in its different phases presents us with various challenges; some to strengthen us, others to break us down. And each of them, depending on how we handled it, leaves behind some residue. This residue could be the big push to get us to the better part of the next phase; or it could be big, painful scars which scare us from taking the next step.

But aging comes with it the opportunity to bag certain issues away in our minds somewhere. We suppress the painful memories and deny the scars even existed. But if history is any indication, any unclaimed past action has a funny way of rearing its ugly head in an unexpected and sometimes dramatic manner.

Photo credits to Google Images.

So instead of allowing the past to interfere and determine how our present course should go, we should address the past and leave it where it belongs. It is about time we claimed the baggage we have stored in our mental and emotional garage and moved on. Be it abused by father, neglected by mother, scorned by colleagues and/or taken advantage of by spouse, trying to move on by erasing the past isn’t going to help. For someone to be able to receive treatment, he must first admit that he has a problem.

Admitting that the past has hurt and scarred you doesn’t mean you’re giving your past power to haunt you in the present. It rather means taking the leverage away from it. Find it in your heart to forgive those who have hurt you and give yourself time to heal. Don’t try to fast forward the process by jumping into a relationship that would strain and drain you of your depleting strength. Who else can help you through such a tough task than the One who took the burdens of humankind upon himself and forgave them who scorned Him even as He did so on the Cross?

Let it all out. What is out there has no leverage over you and so cannot dictate how your life should turn out. The fact that you were abused as a child doesn’t mean you’re doomed to becoming messed up, addicted and abusive yourself in the present and future. Whatever it may be, free yourself of the clutter and only then can you enjoy the fullness of life that you were born to experience.


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