Through the Wilderness


Behind every glory is a story;

From which is birthed a testimony;

Everyone present this day has a past;

Tales of pain, misery and everything dark;

But thank God for pages we can turn;

So we can close a chapter and start a new one.


There was a time where pain was a constant companion;

But little did I realize that within the pain was a plan;

A well-crafted one intended to test and humble me;

To prepare me for the morrow unknown;

My wilderness was only a preparation ground;

The scars which I once was ashamed of, I now wear proudly.


Everyone finds himself in a wilderness at a point in time;

The experience and duration may differ but serves the purpose all the same;

The drought and thorns toughen us for what lies ahead;

And also teach us to appreciate the little blessings we usually take for granted;

Looking back, the wilderness is one of the best places I’ve ever been;

Because it taught me how to handle where I’m standing right at this moment.


I thank God for the test because at the end I got a testimony;

I’m grateful for the mess I found myself in because I finally got the message;

That even when I stray away, God in His infinite mercies will make out a way

To lead me back to the path He had set out for me;

Out of love He sent me into the fire;

And when I came out, I was as pure as refined gold.






Thanks for reading; would love to read your thoughts!

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