When A Girl Says No

There has been a lot of talk recently about decoding the message intended when a girl says no to a guy’s advances be it sexual or romantic. Ideally, no means exactly as it sounds: no. But as complicated as girls can be sometimes, their no may not sound as potent as it should be.

Interesting points of view from the male counterpart suggest that, a lady’s no doesn’t always mean what it sounds. Most of the time, it means try a little harder (because you may never know!). At other times, it means I’m considering it (but don’t get your hopes up!). Others too think it is just a mere response they give whiles they think of what they really want.

It is amazing that when the tables are turned, the guy’s no more often than not seem to hold. When a guy is found caught between the exit door and seductive audition of a voluptuous woman, his no is taken seriously after a few failed attempts. But they love to assume that a woman’s no isn’t really a no.

It is true that some women enjoy the chase that men love to do so they do their best to keep the game on. So some men have been successful at decoding the real message behind the ‘no’ that ladies give. Some would say it all boils down in the tone, gesture and body language that accompanies the word no. But some take it seriously when the no is said confidently without a twitch or blink.

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Some ladies get annoyed and even hurt when the guy walks away from the chase game simply because they said no. They expect the guys to know they really didn’t mean it; they were only throwing the word around for the fun of it. And the very same species feel violated when their word is not taken seriously and they are pushed too far. So which is which?

For the guys, it will take serious discernment to find out what category a lady’s no falls into. You should know who you’re dealing with; whether she’s into-the-chase type or she stands-by-her-word type. Good luck deciphering that.

And for the ladies, it is better and safer for your no to mean exactly that. Giving mixed signals confuses the guys and puts your regard in jeopardy. And worst still, you might end up losing it all. Giving in to what you want doesn’t make you cheap; it makes you serious. So when you say no, be sure that’s what you really want to say and stick to it.


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  1. Interesting info! …what more can I say?

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