Photo credits to Google Images.

I  am your silent friend;

Your listening ear;

Your uncalled-for but expected-to-be confidant;

Nodding and heeding to your unsolicited rumblings as I pour your drink;

Taking note as your speech becomes more slurred with each shot;

I then decide when you have had enough and call you a cab.


Skilled at mixing drinks is what got me the job;

Welcoming customers with a smile is a priority;

Serving them well enough for them to stay longer is my goal;

A calm voice to get them ordering for more is my charm;

But little did I know that when I decided to pour them a drink;

I had simultaneously signed up to be their shrink.


Upon meeting people from all walks of life sitting across me

Drinking away their troubles, I learnt to humble myself

Because I found out everyone has a problem

Though others do better at hiding it behind their smiles;

I was not any different from them across the bar

They were the ones gulping down the shots but I was the one holding the bottle.


You may see my job as amusing

Since I get to see people make a fool of themselves every night;

But I find it heartbreaking seeing people come apart with booze;

Other times it can be entertaining watching people have fun;

With a little sip, a gulp later and then it brings out the dancing shoes in them;

Amazing how people can just let go and get loose sometimes!


I am your ‘nobody’ by day;

But your laughing buddy at night;

A mere stranger on the street;

But your shrink in the pub;

I am the one in the uniform behind the bar;

I am your bartender.




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