Comfy Cell


What common features do your bedroom and a prison cell have? They are both built to accommodate you as a person. One of course would feel more homely and comfortable than the other. On the other hand, what is the one thing that clearly distinguishes one from the other? The one thing that keeps you in and others out-in your bedroom is a door (mostly wooden) but in a prison cell, it’s metal bars. As you can picture it in your mind right now, one looks more appealing than the other.

No matter how furnished it may be, you could get the softest cushion for your back and its matching rug for your feet, with the nicest-looking curtains but it doesn’t change the spelling of a prison cell if indeed it is one. Unfortunately, that’s where most of us find ourselves today.

Some people are enjoying the pleasures of this world to the max, feeling on top of the world with the perception that life would get better if only they keep up with the game. But the illusion of the well-polished life is blinding them from realizing exactly where they are. For now, they don’t know they are being held by their fleshy cravings in cells because they can’t see the bars. Why, because the metal bars are not locked in place…for the meantime.

Photo credits to Google Images.

The enemy has managed to keep people imprisoned by their greed, dishonesty, perversion of all sorts and denial of God’s existence and supremacy. And they do not find it a matter of urgency to get out because the enemy has made the cell so comfortable for them to stay. Why bother to work hard the right way to live the life when the easy way is way faster, they ask themselves.

For some, the illusion of being at a good place vanishes before it’s too late. They get to see where they really are: a dirty, lonely and cold cell. And they are able to get out before the metal bars slam shut. For some, they pass away without the illusion wearing off. For others too, the metal bars slamming shut is what wakes them up from the delusion. But then, it would be too late to get out.


The bottom line is, anyone without Christ is passing time in a cell no matter how comfy it feels. Why condemn your eternal soul to a cell in hell when you could very well have a mansion in heaven? If you have conviction in your heart as you read this to get up and take a stand for God, then do so without hesitation. And for those who already know they are entitled to crowns and mansions in heaven, take a minute and remember someone you know who may be rotting away in an invisible cell in prayer. Tomorrow might be too late.


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  1. ColorStorm says:

    Well done J.

    Very good thoughts thoughts that deserve attention.
    It’s always good to be arrested by the Lord!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ColorStorm says:

    Sorry, ‘thoughts’ twice,


  3. paulibrams says:

    Nice reflection. so profound.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks for reading, Paul.


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