Sweet Nothings


So the month of February is upon us again and most parts of the world like to nickname it the month of love. But you and I know better than to ignore the tone underlining it all. For those new at the game, it is the time to show that special someone how much he/she means to you and now is the time for major brainstorming for how to best express your affection or appreciation for loving you the way he/she does. For the innocent and new-at-love ladies, even a red rose flower will get them all gooey and excited and for their male counterparts, just a soft peck and a hug will do just fine.

But for those who have played the game for so long that it is deserving to say they have earned MPhils and PhDs in the practical field, they don’t mince words anymore. Each party knows what he/she wants and knows exactly how to siphon it out of the other. For the materialistic lady, it is the time for a change of wardrobe and when I say a change, I mean a total upgrade. And the guys, well, they wouldn’t mind paying as long as they get paid back (in kind, of course).

But for those who have been cheated out of this unspoken agreement time and time again, they go for the obvious escape route: find any trivial issue and make a fight out of it. They stretch it out long enough so they wouldn’t be held accountable for not getting any gift on Val’s day. And sometimes well, the guys could be genuinely broke so they have to find a way not to come off as weak to their babes. After all, prevention (of ego bruising) is better than cure.

Photo credits to Google Images.

But really, is the fuss worth it at all? Things have changed so much that it is condoms that run out in stores on Val’s day instead of the traditional gifts and cards. So I guess in our time and era, love is just a cover up for sex or the latter is just a proof of the former. How messed up we have become!

Everyone is getting worked up to whisper sweet nothings in their lovers’ ears so as to get what they want. But anyone who appreciates life for what it is knows that the simple things hold much in value than the ones with price tags and appreciative expressions using sex.

Show love in a meaningful way this February. We will become better people for it.

Josephine Amoako © 2015.


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  1. Thank you for this post, Joseyphina. You have presented a great truth that “simple things hold much in value than the ones with price tags”. And those who have the wisdom to seek and find the valuable things are blessed for it. Blessings, Dee

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