Sometimes, the answer is NO


No: the shortest yet the most despised answer anyone avoids to hear. A simple word which has crushed many dreams and shattered so many hopes and altered lives forever. The briefest yet sharpest arrow to not just to the ears but to the deepest pit of the heart and soul.

It is no doubt that the most painful thing to do to someone is to deny him/her something that he or she really needs or values. So most people carry out their revenge by finding the one thing that means the world to their target and depriving him of it. No matter how they plead, they give them the answer no one is prepared to accept.

But sometimes, the most hated word is said out of love. Growing up, we all have memories of our parents denying us something we really craved for. Not that they didn’t care, it’s just that they saw beyond our present wants and looked out for our future well-being.

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The same thing applies to our relationship with God. We know Him to be the loving, faithful and prayer-answering Father and friend that we can always count on. So it hits us hard when we pray earnestly about something very precious to us like the life of a relative, spouse or child but instead of sparing the life we asked for, He takes it away.

The sentiment we feel is that of hurt and betrayal so much that some decide to denounce Him and say there’s no God. Why, because if there God existed at all, why would He take someone or something very dear to me especially when I’ve prayed and pleaded to Him not to? You want to know why, sometimes the answer is simply no.

You may not see the full picture now; you may not be able to make sense of the pieces yet and you may not get the answers to be able to understand it all. But not being able to figure God out doesn’t disqualify Him from being God. And no matter how cruel life has dealt with you, you don’t want God on your opposing side.

Some say time heals all wounds. Sometimes, it does, sometimes it doesn’t. But taking out your frustrations on God doesn’t make it any better. He knows best even when it seems like He doesn’t know what to do to put a smile on your face. The same way you rejoice when He says YES to your request, take it in good strides when He says NO. It might not make sense but it is for the best. He knows where He’s taking you; you may not always like the route but you will definitely love the final destination.


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  1. Terry says:

    It is so hard to be patient waiting for God to answer our prayers, but worse when we hear the word no, even though it is said for our own good

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    1. joseyphina says:

      It is hard but our God is faithful.


  2. Very good point Joseyphina and backed by truth. Sometimes it’s painful when God takes us in a different direction. Learning to understand God’s wisdom is a lifetime of asking and a daily dose of accepting whatever He has placed infornt of us.

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  3. skamponsah says:

    Indeed sometimes we forget “NO” is also an answer. The hardest part of prayer is to wait for a response from God, and the “NO” responses are not easily welcomed. God bless you for this piece.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      God bless you for reading, Stephen.


    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Herman. Appreciate it

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