What Was I Thinking? VII


I couldn’t help but smirk at the shocked expression splashed on his face.

“Do you know each other?” Fitz inquired.

“Campus as large as it is can be a small world too, Fitz. We know each other or should I say, used to know each other,” I said. Tony looked as if he wanted the earth to swallow him up.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she, Tony?” Fitz said proudly. Tony could only nod as he couldn’t find his voice.

“I think we should get going, honey,” I said sweetly, making sure to paste a smile on my face just for Tony’s sake. He swallowed.

“Sure; let me see if I have some cash on me for Tony here,” Fitz said, turning towards his car for his wallet.

“Oh don’t worry about it, sweetie; let me take care of it.” I took out my purse and pulled out a note. I offered it to him. Tony could only stare at it.

“Are you okay, Tony?” Fitz asked.

“Yes, Mr. Daniels.” Tony had finally found his voice but it sounded very weak. You have no idea how much I was relishing this moment. He took the money from me and I could feel his fingers slightly trembling with embarrassment.

“Nice to meet you again, Tony.” I walked over to the car and sat inside.

“See you soon, son,” Fitz said and settled in the car. The car took off, leaving a confused and dumbfounded Tony, staring at the car from behind.

I felt like I was on cloud nine, literally. I couldn’t believe that fate could be on my side at an unexpected time like this. Fitz interrupted my excited thoughts when he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and asked me how my day went.

“It was okay,” I said coolly, trying to keep my delight at bay.

“Good.” And with that, he kissed my shoulder. I couldn’t wait to tell Karen. With blissful anticipation, I bit down on my fingernail. I turned to look at him.

“What were you two talking about, by the way?”

“Tony? Nothing much, I was inquiring about how he was faring. And yeah, he did mention something about internship opportunities…”

“Huh; that’s interesting. And what did you say to him?”

“I told him I’d let him know when I find something for him.” I made a mental note of that.

“What’s on your mind?” Fitz asked when we got home. I looked at him quizzically.

“You seem pretty excited. Did something happen on campus today?”

“Nope; I’m just in a good mood,” I said with a shrug.

“Hmm…I like it when you’re in a good mood,” he said and pulled me into a kiss.

I smiled contentedly.


When my eyes popped open, my lips curled up in a smile when I recalled the dream I was having minutes ago. I got up from bed to get ready for school. When Fitz woke up, I was dressed up.

“You’re up early. Early lecture?”

“Something like that.”

“I’ll get your car fixed today, I promise,” Fitz said.

“Uh huh, still waiting for that to happen.”

I leaned over and kissed his forehead.

“Have a great day, honey.”

I know I will, I thought to myself as I walked out the door.

My phone beeped as I got out of the cab. I opened the message Karen had just sent me.

“Could you get me my favorite chocolate bar on your way in? I’m having some cravings,” I read out aloud. I rolled my eyes as I made my way into a nearby supermarket.

The door was pulled open just as I lifted my hand to push it.

“Thanks,” I said and walked out. I paused when I saw that it was Tony.

“Hello, Em; or should I say Mrs…what’s the name again?”

I felt my ears heating up. This guy wasn’t going to ruin it all for me; I was the one supposed to have the last laugh not him!

I gave him a smile so forced that I could feel my jaws flinch in protest.

“It’s Mrs. Daniels; not that I expect you to keep it in mind. See you around, Tony.”

“Didn’t think you were the marry-early kind of gal.”

“Uh huh; probably because you didn’t get to know me very well before tossing me aside.”

“Oh so at least, you admit that you were tossed aside. Uncle Fitz must have been very desperate if he had to find a wife in one of my leftovers.”

My fists clenched immediately at the sting of his words and I bit my lower lip to stop me from responding.

“I won’t stoop low to your level, Tony which I know is miserable if you’ve resorted to asking for money and favors from family friends.  Are you that broke? I think I still have some change in my purse for you if you want…”

Tony entered the supermarket without another word. I chuckled.

“Pauper in fake designer clothes,” I muttered as I walked away. I still get to tell my story, I thought excitedly as I walked towards the hostel.





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  1. mimispassion says:

    I’m enjoying the story. by the way is it possible to get in touch with you aside this platform??

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Sure, you can find me on Facebook as Josephine Amoako and Twitter as @joseyphina


      1. mimispassion says:


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  2. mkareblog says:

    Haha! Poor Tony

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