Today’s World

Photo credits to Google Images.

It is like the world has been thrown into chaos;

Nothing seems to be working as it should;

All major news bulletins are heart-stopping events;

Both nature and rebels killing people every day;

Always wondering what could possible get worse

But hearing worse news by the hour;


Promise-and-fail seems to be governments’ new résumé;

Economies falling hard like dominoes;

Protests rising everywhere, hoping for a change;

Leaders trying to appease citizens with ear-pleasing project plans;

But fulfilling them has been another ball game altogether;

Now all that people are saying is, “Talk is cheap.”


No one feels safe anymore;

Innocent people caught in the crossfire between rebels and the military;

Law enforcement agents are now killing instead of protecting citizens;

You wonder whether this is the beginning of the end;

Or just a rough phase we just have to endure for a while;

The systems to take care of us have now turned against us;


In all this chaos, people have not given up yet;

They are  looking for peace in the midst of the turmoil;

The world they placed their faith has failed them;

Where else can they look?

I will look  up to the heavens;

Because our help can only come from above.







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  1. There are moments that happened like these we see over the centuries, ‘as nothing is new under the sun.’ Our lives for one reason or another, do not last that long in the flesh, its the spirit which counts. The one thing we can offer to another is what was offered to us with a very beautiful promising new eternal life. God has never changed and will not ever, we may emulate him with selflessness, kindness, hope, mercy and grace, embracing many with our words, our deeds, by our actions…so many are reminded by His holy spirit within us that God is with us and will be with them. His love lasts forever, so must ours, Give love on not only christmas day, but each day of our lives…and we will be a radiant light which helps change the world from worldly to more spiritual. Trust in God always. Love you dear sister…and happy holidays!

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Love you too, Wendell. Merry Christmas


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