Awaiting Christmas


We are gradually nearing the end of another year yet again and everyone is wrapping things up one way or the other. Some of us are looking over the goals and resolutions we set for ourselves and wondering how much we have been able to cover. Others have already given up on this year and waiting for 1st January to come so they can start all over.

This year like any other has had its ups and downs; success tales and defeat pangs but thank God, we are still alive and by His grace, everyone reading this is going to make it to the end and see next year. In the spirit of Christmas, we are all putting on the cheerful face and attitude to spend the holidays with friends and loved ones. How genuine that is, only God knows.

Sometimes it feels like it’s the children who look forward to Christmas more than the adults. Perhaps it’s because they expect to receive gifts and the anticipation keeps them excited. As for us, well, we’ll see how it goes. But I wish we would all look forward to the Christmas season with the same eagerness as the little children because Christmas is all about reminding ourselves of God’s greatest  and most precious gift to mankind- His beloved Son, a part of Himself.

Photo credits to Google Images.

So as we watch the kids run to meet Santa whenever he comes to town, we should not forget to let them what Christmas is really all about. It is not about some adorable old man in a costume giving gifts because you have probably been good this year but because God showed His unconditional love by offering His Son to the good and bad people alike so we could all become part of His family.

It’s okay if you don’t have enough money to have the kind of Christmas you would want. What matters is that, you appreciate why the season exists in the first place. Its essence is beyond the pretty decorations on the tree; it’s about the gratitude of Jesus’ birth in our hearts.

If you haven’t set yourself in the mood yet, let’s start warming ourselves up for the upcoming season. And don’t forget to tell the kids about the story of Jesus ’birth and not what to expect from Santa. I have nothing against the Santa figure; I just want us to have our focus right.  Let’s make each day count.


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  1. Terry says:

    This is a beautiful post and I needed to read it. I have been so wrapped up in how many gifts each of my family member are getting and how much money it is costing I almost forgot the real reason, and I thought I was a follower of Christ. I am but I got side-stepped, thank you again for sharing with me

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