Costumes and Masquerades

Like to hide behind the mask?

What makes costume parties and masquerade balls so fun? Perhaps it’s the fact that with the former, you get to lose your personal identity and take on another no matter how famous or infamous it may be. The latter however, conceals your image in the midst of others. People look forward to such events because for a brief period, they get to be someone else or nobody you know.

But unfortunately, some people have what should be a once-in-a-while pastime to be a perpetual habit. This is common among most groups of people even among Christians. We like to dress up looking all polished and fancy, waving hands to receive the greetings and admiration of others but behind the smile lays the harbored hate, scorn and bitterness against one another.

Photo credits to Google Images.

As quoted, why try so hard to be someone else when it is much easier to be yourself? Maybe it is this notion that we have to be good and perfect before we can be accepted in church.  So Sunday services become another kind of costume party where we all look so saintly and turn to look down on the ones who have come just as they are: flawed and looking for redemption. And when we start the week, everyday becomes another masquerade ball where we put on this façade of being someone totally different so as to survive in this crazed and self-centered world.

Who are we deceiving? Church isn’t a museum for good people but a hospital to care for the sick, conduct checkups to maintain one’s spiritual sanctity and a therapy centre for those who need guidance and counseling. We cannot perfect ourselves by ourselves; that is God’s job to fix us. All we need to do is present ourselves just as we are; be sincere about our brokenness and let Him do the mending.

We have played games for so long. It’s time we put down the masks and get out of the costume. Let’s come before the throne of grace with our true selves and God Himself with clothe us with spotless garments filled with His glory and grace.

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  1. Kim Sweeting says:

    Well said Joseyphina…..much truth….Amen!

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