Broken Mirror

Photo credits to Google Images.

Before we know any better; before we even know who we really are,

We tend to believe and accept what others say about us;

The good and the bad, we take them in religiously;

Indirectly giving their words the power to shape our lives;


Most of the time, we tend to dwell on the negative more than the positive;

And later find ourselves becoming victims of self-fulfilling prophecy;

Not good enough, not strong, not pretty enough, we heard them call us;

And some way somehow, we started to see ourselves that way each time we stared at ourselves in the mirror.


But now we have grown and we know better;

And some of us are still bound to the portrait people painted for us growing up;

Good-for-nothing, epitome of failure, the words keeping ringing in the ears;

But forget the image you see in your head; it is a broken mirror-what you see isn’t real.


Whatever someone says to you is like a seed sown into your life;

But you choose to make that seed feel at home enough to take root;

So gladly accept the good and kind words and water them in your heart;

But for the cruel ones, shut them out and delete permanently.


You may have grown up believing that you couldn’t go far in life;

But you are still alive and that must count for something;

Pick up the pieces and keep walking on;

And replace that broken mirror in your mind with a good one.


Then you would see just how complete you are;

Even with your imperfections, you are clearly unique;

So don’t let someone’s rude words tear you down;

If they had better lives themselves, they wouldn’t be so bitter.


It’s time to pull out some weeds out of your garden;

And water the seeds.


Thanks for reading; would love to read your thoughts!

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