What Was I Thinking? V


The aftermath of being dumped by Tony turned my once soft heart of flesh into a hardened heart of stone. He gave me my first heartbreak and it didn’t go down well with me at all. Technically, I broke up with him first but the fact that he totally ignored me when I came back running was too much for me. (I didn’t even mean to break up with him; I just threatened a walkout if he didn’t talk sense at the time and he shrugged as if our relationship was not even worth a bargaining chip). So I walked out with my chin up but my heart crushed. So I put a lock on my heart; I made sure no one would ever come that close again.

Of all the guys who tried applying for the position as keeper of my heart, most of them tall, dark and handsome (just my type!), it was Fitz Daniels who finally got my attention. Till I met him, I never understood why some college girls went in for older (and often married) men when there were cute unattached guys roaming on campus.

Now I know. The amateurs think they know what’s up when they sip any drink called wine; but it takes one with experience to tell you what good wine really is. Men like wine, get better with age. They are more affectionate and more generous. They know how to take care of a lady. It was rather unfortunate that Fitz had to meet the broken me and not the happy-go-lucky me. But on the brighter side, if he hadn’t met me in my worst version, I would have never tasted the sweet side of him.

Yes, he was older than I was. And honestly, I didn’t care. If a peer could hurt me, what worse harm could an older guy do to me? And he was ready to pay for my love. So I thought, why not? Unlike God’s salvation, my love wasn’t for free. If he was going to dump me any time, I might as well profit in the meantime. But he didn’t.

At first, we were both just having fun but after a while, I realized he was falling for me. It made me feel tingly every time I thought about it. I must be lovable, huh? (Smiley).

And I decided not to tell Karen about it. Because I knew her cold words would definitely jinx it before it got anywhere. I only told her after Fitz had proposed. And the look on her face was priceless! I can still remember the look; that’s how memorable that moment was.

“It looks like it can pay for my entire tuition in college. Who is he?” Karen asked.

“You will see him soon. In fact, I’m inviting you to dinner with the two of us at his place.”

“Who’s cooking?” She asked suspiciously.

“You are; that’s why I’m inviting you. We’ll cook together and share the table with him.”

“You mean I’ll cook and you’ll sit idly beside me, filling me in with gossip,” Karen said.

I smiled. “I know you love my company. So it’s a date. Tomorrow. So if you have any plans, cancel them.”

“Gladly; I can’t wait to meet Mystery Man.”


We went grocery shopping together and then to Fitz’s house.

“He gave you a key to his house?” Karen asked when I took the key out of my purse.

“Of course; I’m his woman. Come on, let’s go in.”

“Wow; he must be the son of some rich business mogul. He is, huh?”

“You’ll find out.”

“Oh, come on; enough with the suspense. Help your sister out.”

“Nope; not this time.”


We were setting the table when Fitz arrived home. Karen saw him first.

“Hey; I think his dad is in or is he the big brother?” Karen asked. I ignored her and decided to answer her in a big way.

“Hi darling; welcome home,” I greeted sweetly as I walked into his arms and gave him a kiss. I could literally hear Karen’s heart stop at that instant. I gave myself a satisfied smile before turning to look at her. For a second, the shock had frozen her face; her jaw had dropped open and her eyes were as big as eggs. But she being the character that she was, she quickly regained her composure and wore a broad smile.

“Hi. I’m Karen, Emily’s friend and roommate. Pleased to meet you.”

“Karen; of course. She talks about you all the time. Pleased to meet you too,” Fitz said, extending a hand to her. It took Karen a moment before she could muster the courage to take it. She forced a smile.

“Hope they are nice things.” Fitz and I exchanged a smiling glance.

“Why don’t you go and change and then we’ll have dinner?” I suggested.

“Sure; I’ll be right back.” There was silence till the bedroom door was heard being shut.

“What the hell?” Karen shouted in a whisper. I know, it’s impossible but not with Karen.

“Just calm down. It will sink down in a minute or two. It is not as ridiculous as you think.”

“Oh I’m glad you called this ridiculous. Is he divorced? Have you met his children? Are they happy with this?”

“Calm down, honey,” I said coolly, tapping her cheek. “You’re overreacting.”

“Am I?”

“Emily honey, could you please come up?” Fitz voice rang out. I glanced at my friend and gave her a wink.

“I’ll be right up, sweetie.” And I went up the stairs like a little girl.


Whiles eating dinner, Fitz asked, “Who cooked?” Karen and I glanced at each other. Fitz chuckled. “I know it’s you; Karen. Emily doesn’t cook much.”

“And he loves me all the same,” I said girlishly.

“Huh,” was all Karen could say.


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