Back to Eden



I woke up to find myself in a beautiful garden, serene and perfect in every way.  My father had created the perfect world for me to live in. Every day was bliss; enjoying daily walks with Him; talking about anything and everything. I did not know what fear was; I always felt safe. And so that’s how my life was: enjoying the presence of my daddy and the beautiful garden He had given me. Everything in the garden was mine to have and enjoy. The only world I knew was the paradise my daddy had given me and I was content with it.

But on one fateful day, a voice whispered in my ear; telling me how much I was missing out, cooped up in my little world. And that there was a larger world outside the confines of where I was and unlike my home, I could experience full freedom. I could do anything I could think of; no restrictions. The words sounded good in my ears so for the first time, I ran away from home, from the loving arms of my father into a world where I knew no one and no one cared about me.

As I ran, I could hear my father calling me, but I didn’t heed to him. I felt he had lied to me about the garden being the only place when there was a whole other world to explore. For a while, I allowed myself to do whatever I pleased and found them pleasurable (or so I thought). But I realized that, after it all, the noise and the fun, I felt empty inside. I felt lonely for the first time. I missed my daily walks and chats with my father in the lovely garden. I looked at myself and found my garment dirty and soiled. I was bruised and scarred all over. I thought I was having fun but instead, I was hurting myself. The voice lied to me; this wasn’t freedom. It was bondage in disguise. I was chained to my desires and I wanted out.

So after a long thought, I decided to go back home. I looked all around but I couldn’t find the way. I asked around but no one could help me find my way back. In the midst of my despair, I whispered a prayer to my father to come get me. I almost gave up on the idea of reuniting with my father when I met this gentleman who introduced himself as my father’s beloved son. He told me he could get me back home if I would believe him and take his hand.

But my misdeeds since I left home caught up with me and I was to pay for them. I was scared; I thought it was all over. But this gentleman took my place and died in my stead, paying my debts. I was shocked but grateful. No one had shown me such true affection since I left home. But my story didn’t end there. He came back to life and assured me that He was going back home to prepare a place for me. I asked him if my father was still angry with me for leaving home but He smiled and said, “He sent me here just for you; He loves you and can’t wait to see you again.”

Those words filled my heart with joy as he left. Amazingly, I never felt alone. Although he was gone, I could feel his presence with me all the time. It felt just like when I was at home with my father. Whenever the storms of this cold world threatened my peace, I just had to call out to him and he would be there, comforting me.

Photo credits to Google Images.

So I’m still here, patiently waiting in anticipation for him to come get me back home. It doesn’t matter how long it takes; but I do believe he will come. Even if I die waiting, all what matters is that I get to meet my father again…in the garden. It would be like I never left. I know I’ll go and meet in wide open arms, with love in his eyes and tears of joy on his face. But I can only imagine what I’ll do when I see my father again.

Would I run to his arms or would I go down on my knees with gratitude, soaking in the fact that I was back home…for good? I do know he has a big banquet awaiting my return. He is as eager to see me as I am.

So I continue to wait, I thank his son every day in my heart for coming to my rescue when I was lost and helping me find my way back to my father. Although I’m living in the world, I’m not of it. I am just passing through with his presence with me all the time.

I can’t wait to get back to Eden, my home.


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  1. Gyslaine L. says:

    very good Joseyphina. I ❤

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Merçi, Gys! 🙂 bon semaine.


  2. Kim Sweeting says:


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