On The Doctor’s Table

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As I lay on my bed, soaking my pillow with warm tears, I couldn’t help but blame myself for the dark pit I’ve found myself in. If only I could turn back the hands of time, I would have fled the scene when it was obvious the party was over. But my boyfriend had dumped me for one of the ‘hot’ girls with the lame excuse that I was too much of a good girl for him. So I decided to stay behind and prove to him and myself that I could be as loose and wild just like everyone else. So against my better judgment, I downed several cups of booze which left my head spinning. And I found myself grinning foolishly when I saw the captain of the basketball team checking me out.

Three months later down the line, here I was, lying on the doctor’s bed coerced to do away with the fruit of my foolishness or else have my college trust fund taken away. And as if that wasn’t enough, Geoffrey, the b ball guy didn’t only deny the pregnancy but went ahead to spread the cancerous rumor that he wasn’t the only guy who was with me that night so it could be anyone’s. So I was left humiliated, confused and stripped of any hope of having a bright future.

I was ready to go ahead with it and put it all behind me (since I was so not ready to upgrade my status to that of a mum) but the misfortune wasn’t over yet. Unfortunately for me, it was impossible to rip the baby away without having to take my womb with it (since the baby found it wise to cling to it so strongly that doing away with it had to mean a bigger and permanent sacrifice).  So against all odds, I decided to keep it. But I lost everything; the acceptance of my family and the chance to have a stable white collar life.

I left home and faced the harsh winds of life on my own. I don’t know where the strength and the courage came from but I did everything I could to cater for my baby boy including juggling two and sometimes even three jobs. It wasn’t easy; I sometimes cried with regret for just not making that hard choice and moving on with my life. But as the days went by, my despair was replaced with renewed hope as I watched my little boy grow up to be a natural talent in basketball. I then knew Andy would be great. Some more difficult years later and I found myself watching my son play pro basketball with everyone cheering him on.

My eyes filled with tears as I watched him display his prowess in the game. My heart was filled with pride and relief that I had made the right choice that day on the doctor’s bed. Geoffrey thought he had ruined me by abandoning us but instead he gave me this perfect gift who is going to be a sport legend. I might not have had the future I envisioned when I was a teen but I like this future too. I get to be the proud mother of someone big and I get to help him become all he needs to be. I smiled at my boy despite the tears on my face as our eyes met. He smiled back and kept on playing. And beside me was the best person I could ever find on earth to spend my life with. He was heaven sent.

My eyes opened and found myself on the doctor’s bed. It was all a dream. Here the doctor stood, ready to begin. I got out of the bed and without a single word, I ran out. I have seen a possible future and though it didn’t seem easy, I was ready to go down that road.


You might be wondering why I’m telling this story. Maybe you’re going at a crossroads in life and you’re weighing the options of which road to take. Everyone around you might be telling you to take the easy road so as to correct some mistake you made. But if you could find the courage to make the right decision no matter how difficult it may seem at the time, you would later realize it pays to do things right and the reward, priceless.


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  1. hurthealer says:

    Thank you for your courage in sharing. You chose the right choice even when the right choice was the hardest. That takes courage and strength and unconditional love. Bless You.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks Carolyn…but it is not a true story…could be someone else’s. Just wanted to prove a point. 🙂


  2. Whether a real life experience or not, the guiding spiritual principle is “wherever an abortion is committed a killing is committed” and the Law is very clear “Thou shall not kill.” Great post as usual; thanks for sharing!

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  3. Great story Josey! It pays to do the right thing. But sometimes what is right for you is not right for somebody else. Thanks so much for sharing. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Noel. God bless you too.


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