Take the First Class seat


We are all headed somewhere. This world is not our home; we are just passing through.

 We may all have the visa to travel to a specific destination on the same flight but we pay for different seats. Economy, business, first class: you pay for what you can afford or better to say, your seat depends on how much money you are willing to part with. The level of comfort varies drastically among these three although the destination is still the same.


Heaven is the desired destination of every Christian. And for anyone to qualify to be on the flight, one has to accept the free salvation offered by Christ. But since Christianity is more of a relationship than a religion, everyone’s rapport with God is different and thus the knowledge of Him. The more of Him you desire in your life, the more willing you are to sacrifice temporary pleasures to ensure His will is done. As God rewards those who diligently seek after Him, He makes peace and prosperity abound in the dwelling places of His faithful followers.

Photo credits to Google Images.

In the same way, people don’t mind paying for the first class seat no matter the cost because they know the benefit is worth the cost. Some others for one reason or the other, will go for the other seats. In the end, although everyone on the flight would arrive at the desired destination, the experience is vastly different.

All wealth belongs to God and He is earnestly looking for someone to shower His riches on. But for you to get access, all He’s saying is put Him first. Give Him His due, don’t hold back what He even gave you in the first place. Heaven, the home He has prepared for us should be the ultimate destination but it doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of the bonus packages that come with serving God. The more you hold back from God, the lesser portion of His promised blessings you would enjoy. The price for the best seat on the flight may be costly but the benefits are priceless.

What is the point of professing to be a child of the God who owns the earth and everything in it and yet have lack to be a constant bulletin on your life’s résumé? Go for the best seat and enjoy the very best of divine pleasures before you arrive at your ultimate destination.


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